Dozi, Gerhard Steyn in verbal dispute

2012-02-15 12:09
Philip de Bruin
Johannesburg - Two famous Afrikaans singers, Dozi and Gerhard "Baby Tjoklits" Steyn, were involved  in a severe verbal altercation on Sunday on Dozi's farm near Hartbeespoort Dam and now want nothing to do with one another.

The whole debacle, in which one of Dozi's fans hit at Steyn in the men's toilet, happened in Dozi's' new pub on his farm. There were about 120 people present at the venue.

According to Dozi, his girlfriend's father, Leon Wolmarans, sparked the fight when he told Steyn: "You comb your hair like a poes."

"I immediately cut back and told the guy, 'And you comb your hair like doos,'" said Steyn.

Very disappointed

"I thought everything was done, but then Dozi and about ten of his supporters came to me.

"Dozi was, in my opinion, under the influence [of alcohol] and started cursing at me because according to him I insulted his future father-in-law.

"If I hadn't given my heart to the Lord and am currently on the straight and narrow, there could've been a bloody fist fight.

"I went to the bathroom. Dozi and one of his fans followed me and continued the tongue-lashing. In the bathroom, the man hit at me. I just ducked and laughed at him," Steyn said on Tuesday.

He said he was "very disappointed" in Dozi's behaviour and that he went there to support Dozi.

Career jealousy

Dozi in turn said that everything was "initially very nice" but then he heard "a noise" where Steyn was. "I immediately went looking, because I don't want dodgy people here.

"People were shouting and swearing. Yes, I did confront Gerhard about what happened between him and my future father-in-law, but I wasn't under the influence.

"I think he was disrespectful. I don't need people like that in my life. Gerhard was aggressive and tightened his arms. I will not allow him here again."

Steyn said the following about Dozi's decision: "I will never go there again. I only wanted to help the poor man with his pub."

He thinks Dozi's "exaggerated aggression" is due to "maybe a little career jealousy and alcohol."


  • Deirdre - 2012-02-15 12:27

    Ah me wonders if this is not cooked up to provide a little spice to the otherwise tame Afrikaans music industry? Dozi potjie met so bietjie tjoklit daarby?

  • vanessa.blondie.lewis - 2012-02-15 12:40

    Sorry Gerhard Steyn. You were so drunk it was dispicable. Don't you dare play the "Christian" card. Your behavior and language were that of a sewer rat and not a Christian. We were also there. Love Sandy

  • Sharmay - 2012-02-15 12:43

    you both look like idiots anyway. Only fair that you act like it too..

      wynand.bothma - 2012-02-16 08:31

      Dozi had a perm in Chernobyl and Steyn bleaches his hair with the nuclear waste. Die Antwoord en Jack parow is nie zef nie. Die twee is zef / kommin / tappit... sonder om te probeer. :)

  • Rinus - 2012-02-15 13:06


      Maarten - 2012-02-15 13:19

      Nee ou maat. Hierdie komp gee Tappits n slegte naam.

  • Steven - 2012-02-15 13:16

    clim julle al twee op dozi se ruiperd en v@#k off.

      Mikkel - 2012-02-22 15:41

      Joh ! Brilliant gestel !

  • Silvana - 2012-02-15 13:28

    This must have been an absolute hoot to witness. Men fighting over hairstyles. LOL

  • Stuka - 2012-02-15 13:45

    Hoe begin mens comment oor die? Gerkie ou maat, jou hare lyk dodgy, rerig dit doen het jy al ooit "There's something about Mary" gegkyk? a picture speaks a thousand words, en watse leer straps is om jou arms skiet jy nou pyl en boog oog ook? Dan jou musiek, ek't een keer die fout gemaak om na jou "Baby Tjoklits" se lirieke te luister, ek sukkel nou nog om te verstaan hoe n lewende wese, menslike plasma wat asem hulle sulke absoluute crap kon uit dink, regtig was dit jou beste? Ek's jammer om te sê maar dis loosers soos jy wat my helemal afsit van afrikaanse musiek, mens kan nie eers jou gemors begin vergelyk met bv. Die Heuwel Fantasties nie... Dan is daar liewe ou Dozie, sny jou hare ou perd. Die dae van perms is jare verby en miskien het jou hare n natuurlike krul, sny dit nog steeds dit lyk vuil. Jou musiek is dalk meer vir n generasie voor my want dis ook maar power. Dalk moet julle ouens maar n cage fight by jou pub reel dan kan altwee se CD verkope biki op gaan. Moet net nie vir ou perde probeer tjolits voer nie...

  • Breinlekkasie - 2012-02-15 14:15

    'n Dosie Tjoklits ek sê.

  • Mattewis - 2012-02-15 14:58

    Nothing to see here people, so move along. Just normal everyday tappit in-fighting. Dozi wears his hair badly and "Baby Skid-mark" combs his with the "There's Something About Mary" hair gel. So what!

  • Noxolo - 2012-02-15 15:21

    "I went to the Bathroom and in the bathroom the man hit on me." does he know what thats means. maybe he meant tried to hit me.

  • Bibi - 2012-02-15 15:28

    Lekke kommin!

  • boerenooi - 2012-02-15 15:28

    And this is news worthy? :/

  • Dianne - 2012-02-15 15:36

    They both have cr*ppy hairstyles.....hold them by the ankles and both would make an awesome toilet brush!

  • Julie - 2012-02-15 15:53


  • Samantha Soll - 2012-02-15 22:21

    Vrek commin ai tog! Oh ja Uhmmmmm was die vloekwoorde nie veronderstel om gesensor te wees nie?

  • RYCKHERBST - 2012-02-15 22:52

    Lykit my almal was maar gesuip gewees.

  • Peter - 2012-02-17 08:29

    This is hilarious especially the comments.

  • Belinda - 2012-02-20 13:13

    And we have to listen to this!! Dozi and Gerhard pull up your socks....grown men dont cry like babies. This is the pits.

  • Simon - 2012-03-02 11:40

    To Dozi's defense, he does style his hair like a p***...

  • charmaine.s.vanzyl - 2012-07-11 10:11

    Dankie julle mense met die comments ek het my "laugh for the day" gehad. Die 2 twee is regtig soos twee d*s*.

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