Drug cloud looms over 7de Laan

2011-10-24 14:42
Colin Hendricks
Johannesburg – Popular local soap opera 7de Laan has recently been mired in controversy.

Sekoati Tsubane who plays the role of Kabelo Padi recently admitted on Twitter that his weight loss is due to using marijuana.

The actor is also known for his role in the Castle Light beer advertisement. Tsubane took to Twitter to inveigh against 7de Laan, claiming that his wage is "kak" (shit).

The actor also added that he is "tired of playing the fool in a foreign language".

Tsubane and Werner Coetser (who plays the role of Bernard Jordaan on 7de Laan) have also been spotted by several people at one of the most infamous drug dens in Manenberg in the Cape Flats.

Coetser admitted that he went there, but claims that he wasn't aware that it was a drug nest.

Tsubane's spokesperson Janis Ellis claims that the actor cannot remember whether he was there or not.

Ellis claims that his client is currently receiving treatment, but maintains that it is not for drug addiction, but to help him process the death of his child.

Tsubane and Zoleka Mandela, the granddaughter of former president Nelson Mandela, suffered the loss of their first born baby in June after the child was born three months premature.

Tsubane said on Twitter that he wants to head home after work because it was time for a spliff (marijuana).

Ellis denies that Tsubane is involved in drug abuse, claiming "He will undergo a public drug test to prove it."

Twitter tirade

Tsubane further railed against the SABC 2 soapie by tweeting: "I need a raise for this shit.

"How long can I keep up with this!"

Tsubane, whose departure from the show has already been announced, has apologised for the Twitter tirade.

His new singing career was given as the reason for his departure. He will be seen on the soap until November 1 and then only on a freelance basis.

Tsubane visited Cape Town in August to promote his new album and it is claimed that it was around this time that he was spotted at the drug den.

Tik den

According to sources Coetser and a driver arrived in a black vehicle at the tik house.

The soap actor signed autographs and hugged fans according to the sources who wish to remain anonymous.

Afterward Coetser allegedly got into a vehicle with a tik dealer.

The dealer works for one of the most notorious drug dealers in Cape Town. The pair then went on to Galaxy nightclub in Rylands, Athlone.

7de Laan spokesperson Liby Nel says that Coetser is shocked to learn that the place he visited was a tik house.

The Manenberg source claims that "Kabelo" also visited the house in August.

"He was in the same car with the same driver. The tik dealer got into the car and drove off with Kabelo."

According to the source Tsubane did not get out, but also went to club Galaxy with the dealer.

Weight loss

According to sources, Tsubane's co-stars started to wonder about his sudden weight loss.

Regarding his weight, Tsubane told Drum magazine earlier this year that it was because he stopped drinking the complimentary Castle beer he received as part of his compensation for starring in the beer brand's advertisement.

Liby Nel explains Coetser's Manenberg visit as follows: "He was invited to a party that night at a club. The security guard that took him to the event wanted to stop somewhere first. They then picked up a man."

Coetser said the security guard told him to go in with him, because it is dangerous to sit alone in a car in that neighbourhood.

The manager of Club Galaxy Andy Heyns claims that he is the driver of a black Toyota Corolla that transported Coetser and Tsubane to and from the club.

Heyns however claims that he would never have taken them to Manenberg.

When Rapport asked the tik dealer whether Tsubane and Coetser visited his house, he answered: "It's too complicated."


  • John - 2011-10-24 15:11

    Ja I think you need to be on drugs to watch it too...

  • Spotty Ikeremm - 2011-10-24 15:37

    Finally, he's realised what a fool they make of him in 7de Laan. If they want black actors for an afrikaans soapie- they should've got those that actually can really speak it. Coulda held auditions in Koffiefontein for example- a small Free State town with Black afrikaners- blk names, blk surnames, bt the town language is Afrikaans. and yes, that's where i'm from.

      jruppersberg - 2011-10-24 21:13

      Fran. Spotty did not insult your 'black people'. He simply suggested that they should get black people that actually can really speak Afrikaans. I really don't understand why you should call him a idiot for his comment. To me it looked like he was actually very proud of the Afrikaans speaking black people in his town. Also, your comment that Afrikaans people are not really Afrikaans is laughable. YOU should rather go study up about the subject before making uneducated false statements about something you obviously know very little about...idiot.

  • Johan - 2011-10-24 16:29

    As an Afrikaner I and many of my Afrikaans friends used to respect him, but now he is a turd in our eyes. The producers must not show any episodes with him in it. Cut him out completely and the viewers will catch up on the story line with time. (Hy is 'n useless zolbol.)

  • Spotty Ikeremm - 2011-10-24 19:12

    @Fran what did i say? y u mad at me 4?

      jruppersberg - 2011-10-24 21:16

      Just ignore Fran. She needs to go back to school before making idiotic statements on a public platform.

  • bounca363 - 2011-10-24 23:15

    Celebs in Rylands....OMF....Im like around thw corner. Would've loved some photos, too bad Paula wasnt with...shux. But wowm this is the only SA soap drama I follow, cos its so realistic. On the other hand these blokes doing drugs, nogal manenberg. Passop. Daddy's waiting for you in pollsmor.

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