Elzabé Zietsman sues kykNET for R250k

2012-02-07 10:47
Philip de Bruin
Johannesburg – Actress, cabaret star and chef Elzabé Zietsman is claiming R250 000 from kykNET for alleged defamation, the producers of the gossip programme Tonge Los, and its three presenters.

The producer is Christo Gerlach of Red Line Pictures.

A summons, in which Zietsman claims Tonge Los created the impression that her sexual preferences are "volatile in nature", has already been issued.

The filmmaker FC Hamman and his wife Annie, are also suing Gerlach and kykNET for R2m due to a "false allegation" made on Tonge Los that his wife is operating a pornographic website.

Zietsman's sister, Martie Schoeman, from Mozambique, is claiming R100 000 from the same parties as Zietsman, also for alleged defamation and violation of her privacy.

The programme on which the claim is based, aired on February 12 last year.

Bad lifestyle

According to the summons, the three presenters - Loui Fish, Eagan Williamson and Gavin Prins – said Zietsman would've acted as surrogate mother for her sister, but that they had a falling out "because Zietsman's lifestyle was not good enough to carry Schoeman's child".

The presenters also said that the actor Arnold Vosloo was "the big love" in Zietsman's life 20 years ago, that she never got over him and that Zietsman could find no other love, said the subpoena.

"You never hear that she has a boyfriend or a girlfriend," was reportedly said on Tonge Los.

According to the summons Zietsman and Schoeman's reputations suffered damage and their honour have been called into question.

Zietsman is claiming R250 000, because according to her, the programme suggests that she leads a bad lifestyle which makes her incompetent to bear children, that there's a family strife between her and her sister and that her sexual preferences are volatile in nature.

Schoeman is claiming R100 000 for the alleged damage to her reputation and that her honour has been called into question. Zietsman says she was never going to be a surrogate mother for her sister, but rather for her sister's daughter.

Fighting the claim

"The broadcast harmed me greatly," said Zietsman on Monday. She did not want to respond further.

Gerlach referred all inquiries to his lawyer, Willem de Klerk.

De Klerk, who represents Gerlach, Fish, Williamson and Prince, said he found it strange that the case is being revived after he made an exception against the subpoena a year ago and haven't heard anything since.

"We are fighting the claim."

The broadcast of Tonge Los has since been discontinued.


  • lynettevoostrum - 2012-02-07 21:07

    You go girl!! Hulle kan mos nie sommer se wat hulle wil nie!!

  • Hendrik - 2012-02-08 10:34

    I suppose it is best to not air an opinion about her on this site. just now those of us that do voice our thoughts also end up getting sued.

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