Expert in Jub Jub case 'not credible'

2011-10-11 14:24
Johannesburg - Accident reconstruction expert Renier Balt erred in his report, the Protea Magistrate's Court heard on Tuesday in the trial of Molemo Jub Jub Maarohanye and Themba Tshabalala.

Maarohanye and Tshabalala face charges of murder, attempted murder and driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

They were allegedly drag-racing when one of their Mini Coopers ploughed into a group of people in Protea North, Soweto, on March 8, 2010, killing four schoolchildren and injuring two.

Defence lawyer Ike Motloung said Balt had concluded that the two vehicles did not collide with each other without verifying this with witnesses.


"You got many things wrong," Motloung said, adding that his client Maarohanye would testify that the two cars did collide.

"My opinions are formulated based on physical evidence," Balt told the court.

Motloung submitted that Balt changed his view about the Mini Cooper that hit the children after realising he could not account for two of the six boys.

Balt had told the court that the blue Mini Cooper was the one that struck the group after overturning. He later retracted his statement, saying he had made a mistake in concluding that the blue car struck the children.

Earlier, Motloung told the court that Balt was a "half expert".

Balt was unable to say how many accidents he had reconstructed, he said.

"There is a problem with the expertise. You wish to be an expert."


Balt told Motloung that his qualifications were internationally recognised. He told the court that he had a general contract with Road Traffic Management Corporation to investigate high profile accidents.

"I do not have a contract signed every time I am assigned a case," Balt said.

He told the court he had done more than 700 cases starting from the time he was employed by the Ekurhuleni metro as an accident reconstruction expert.

"There is a problem here, where does the 331 come from?" Motloung asked.

Balt earlier said he could not determine the total number of cases he had done, but that he had done 331 cases since he left the Ekurhuleni metro.

He said the Maarohanye accident was his 196th case.

Motloung wanted to know why a Johannesburg metro police officer had accompanied Balt to the scene of the accident.

Balt said the metro police officer was there to point the final positions of the two cars and to give him photographs of the accident taken the day before.

The trial continues.


  • Pixie1984 - 2011-10-11 14:29

    Erm, who is on trial here? Jub Jub or the accident reconstruction expert? Stupid lawyer. Either way, the driver of the mini hit, killed and hurt those kids, someone needs to get punished!

  • 2bornot2b - 2011-10-11 14:33

    Typical...always try to swift the focus from the REAL story!

  • stofsuier - 2011-10-11 14:34

    It does not matter whether he erred or not JUB JUB still killed four children and critically injured two more.He should be in jail already so stop wasting tax payers money !!!!!!

  • HappyGoLucky - 2011-10-11 14:37

    the blind leading the blind

  • Toetsen - 2011-10-11 14:40

    What this lawyer is doing amounts to what is called "disservice" to his client.To him (lawyer) its about the publicity he is getting for representing his celebrity client.He does'nt care whether he will be convicted or not.Jub Jub is on trial here not the witnesses.Stupid lawyer!!!

  • Grant Fowler - 2011-10-11 14:44

    Get stopped in a roadblock, over limit, BIG DEAL, get locked up. On DRUGS and ALCOHOL, kill innoncent kids, NO PROBLEM, welcome to dark Africa LAW.

  • Andries - 2011-10-11 14:45

    The two Mini's must have been of the very modern kind like Knightrider's car that could drive themselves. The two accused, we will probably later hear from Motloung, was never even in the cars! And the fact that the cars raced each other, overturned and killed six children was force majeur or "an act of God". In South Africa, after all, nothing is impossible.

  • IC1 - 2011-10-11 14:50

    So this means they are innocent then does it

  • SuperSipho01 - 2011-10-11 14:52

    can these guys just go to jail already.

  • MojoBa - 2011-10-11 14:52

    I soooooo detest how the lawyers nitpick at trivial sh@t when they are just trying to get the attention away from what their useless clients did. Who cares which car hit them and who was going fastest. They're both equally guilty. Lock the bastards up and throw the key away.

  • Buic Unix - 2011-10-11 14:54

    That is why you call a lawyer and you pay lawyers money to defend you. He wouldnt be a good lawyer if he is not to derail the case form the main facts that determine the closure of this case. In the end the Idiot who murdered the kids will probably be out on some funny something xxx or whatever xxx because when you have money in this world you wont suffer...

  • Sue Laurynhill - 2011-10-11 14:54

    This guy should be in jail already, this so called lawyer is supporting crime

  • Bokke - 2011-10-11 15:00

    I am still saying this.. common sense is not always common to everyone!! Other things seem to be very easy in the public eye and I just don't know how the judges, prosecutors, lawyers, etc which planet they come from!! In this case, two cars were racing, doing more than stipulated speed limit, they hit killed children and hurt other, owners of those cars are jub Jub and his friend! What more evidence you need here???!! Lock them in jail!!! Same thing is happening in the case where a taxi last week killed 15 people...... driver is pleading not guilty!!! What's that!!!? really what's wrong with the law??? Cases like these shouldn't take this long (more than a year)!! Driver of the vehicle should not even get a chance to plead "not guilty"!!!

  • GT - 2011-10-11 15:03

    When the defense cannot argue the facts they attack the witness. Stand operating procedure.

  • dithala - 2011-10-11 15:03

    Being a lawyer means, keeping cash flowing in.Do you think that JAPIE-JAPIE's imprisonment will make his lawyer richer?

  • WCD - 2011-10-11 16:38

    You murdered kids which makes you a sick demented individual and for your lawyer well that is is a whole new definition, if our law enforcement is of such a nature i hope the community hang both of those murdering f#kers from their scrotums...

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