Famous chef praises SA food

2012-10-21 13:02

Johannesburg - Celebrity British chef Jamie Oliver has been raving about South African food, according to a report on Sunday.

Oliver, who visited Soweto in 2005, was still talking about how the school meals served in the township were the best he had ever had, the Sunday Times reported.

He praised a meal of mutton stew with cabbage, carrots and pudding, made by three women in Soweto, as the most nutritious school meal he had ever had.

Oliver was talking to delegates at the global youth summit, One Young World, in Pittsburg in the United States, according to the report.

During the summit he said the best food in the world always came from the poorest communities.

South Africa was represented at the summit by 44 youths.

The next One Young World summit takes place in Sandton, Johannesburg, next year.


  • fussed.anderson - 2012-10-21 14:25

    Then you should try our poor gov's food

  • Robert Frankol - 2012-10-21 15:07

    Feeling for sum Steers right now...hungry.

  • bruce.ronald.graham - 2012-10-22 07:26

    Suppose that's thanks to the farmers who grow such diverse produce for us in South Africa.

  • george.vonberg - 2012-10-22 09:30

    ironic because i watched a clip on e news's youtube channel about obesity and how in townships its prevelant because kids rather by kotas ( not sure how to spell it) which is so fattening and unhealthy

  • 888facebuuk888suck888 - 2012-10-22 09:38

    What lies! SA has some of the most poisonous food in the world. We have no safe-gaurds or regulations in place to protect against the dangers of GMO. There is no law in place requiring clear labeling of GMO's. Russia has refused to buy carcinogenic monsanto corn, yet SA is awash with monsanto poisons. In fact, we are of the worst food baskets in the world. We used to have good food... but in the past 25 years, things have quietly gone downhill.

  • Gert Jansen - 2012-10-22 09:55

    As a chef myself, this is great news!

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