Film industry boom draws Charlize home

2012-11-23 22:08

Cape Town - South Africa's fast-growing film industry has hit a milestone with its largest commercial production to date, starring homegrown Hollywood actress Charlize Theron, the trade minister said Friday.

South African-born, Oscar-winning actress Theron is currently shooting a fourth Mad Max film, Fury Road, in Cape Town - which has also hosted the likes of fellow Academy Award winners Hilary Swank and Denzel Washington.

"This film is significant because it is the largest commercial film that has been produced in South Africa," said Minister Rob Davies at the Cape Town Film Studios, which opened two years ago.

"It's a major Hollywood production. Its presence here is going to be creating 800 jobs in South Africa for the duration of that particular film.

"So I think this marks a milestone in an evolving programme of support for the film industry."

South Africa's film industry has more than trebled its contribution to the economy to R8bn between 2008 and 2012, up from R2.4bn over the previous four years.

The country offers incentives to draw films and hosted 49 productions between 2004 and 2008, of which 52% were foreign.

Since 2008, it has approved 271 productions.

The incentives include rebates on local spending, such as 20% for investments by foreign films - which Davies said had made the country a competitive destination.

He said more than 30 000 jobs had been created.

"South Africa is now very, very well-positioned, and that is beginning to have an impact in terms of the films that are produced here and the jobs that those films create in South Africa.

So this is a significant growth sector," said Davies.


  • Sammy Willow - 2012-11-23 22:36

    you dont think it was the fact that the reason she is back is too shoot a movie as that is her job

      wessel.jordaan.3 - 2012-11-25 11:48

      Talk about ' on the cake'nowhere was it written to be anything more but a FORMER South African who HAPPEN to be a international movie star that is in SA ...what's up dude, don't enjoy the sun shining on others?!

  • andy.zondi - 2012-11-23 22:38

    Yoh ppl calm down, she's only shooting a couple of scenes in cape town, it happens almost all the tym in sa, the sa film industry still has a long way to go

      Sam - 2012-11-26 14:42

      But note how thay are filming in the Cape - more stable than anywhere else!

  • charles.gallacher.161 - 2012-11-23 22:58

    The DTI takes the industry seriously and considering the fact that Charlize is our greatest ever Hollywood representative his comments are appropriate. She is successful and we have every reason to be proud of her and no reason to be cynical.

      Hilton Cupido - 2012-11-24 06:58

      our queen is in town thats all that matters

  • caine.abel.75 - 2012-11-24 00:35

    Cmon this is not news worty article

      maylani.bezuidenhout - 2012-12-04 09:48

      The fact that our film industry is booming is not newsworthy? I think that's fantastic! Now all our talented producers, editors, lighting technicians etc can come home and find jobs eventually.

  • nico.leroux1 - 2012-11-24 02:15

    Oh, it's because we are famous. We have the highest murder and rapes numbers in the world!

  • ian.flack2 - 2012-11-24 06:01

    "creating 800 jobs in South Africa for the duration of that particular film"..... Someone in the ANC being honest for a change!!!!

  • louis.hager.12 - 2012-11-24 06:48

    They would fil Mad Max here. They need locations that are F@@@@@@KT.

  • sandor.l.varga - 2012-11-24 06:59

    South Africa well positioned ??? Compare it to Antarctica ? New Zealand ? Chile ? Or maybe a Moon ???

  • mojay.mooi - 2012-11-24 08:39

    Phambili Mzansi , Forward South africa ... Happy with S.A's progress

  • glen.e.huysamer - 2012-11-24 10:16

    Fantsatic, now we just got to steam ahead and start making our own internationally commercial films that can earn South Africa returns from international sales.....?

  • 1CRAZYONE - 2012-11-24 14:50

    I Have brilliant idea for great comedy... film our politicians.

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