Idols presenter dies on beach

2010-12-11 07:45
Cape Town - South African TV presenter and theatre actor Matthew Stewardson died on Friday afternoon.

Eyewitness News reports that Stewardson was holidaying with friends in Jeffrey’s Bay in the Eastern Cape, when he collapsed on the beach after complaining about breathing problems.
 “Jeffreys Bay police received a phone call of an incident at the beach. According to some witnesses, a 35-year-old man was on the beach when he collapsed,” Jeffreys Bay police told EWN.

Police were still investigating the cause of his death but it is believed he suffered a heart attack or a stroke.

Hi sister, Cheryl Cawood, told Beeld Matthew’s death was very sudden and “no one knew what happened”. The former child star was due to celebrate his 36th birthday on Saturday. 

In the mid to late 90s Matthew Stewardson looked set to become a rising star on the South African entertainment circuit. He made his name as one of the older presenters on K-TV.

In 2002 M-Net bought the rights to host Idols, a reality singing competition that originated in the UK.

Stewardson was appointed with Candy Litchfield to co-host the show, but halfway through the first season he was axed and replaced with Sami Sabiti

Soon afterwards the 27-year-old checked himself into a rehab centre.
He had a brief stint on 5Fm as a DJ, and hosted some small daytime shows on SABC.


  • pointblankza - 2010-12-11 08:43

    Eish.... RIP Matthew.

  • Craig - 2010-12-11 10:19

    Saw him in the Ratpack - he was truly brilliant! Sad loss - he was talented

  • Pop Idol - 2010-12-11 11:21

    Schocking news,we all have to die someday,but why at such a young age? Poor guy,my sympathies go out to his family and close friends.

  • 40 Something - 2010-12-11 14:14

    He was so talented. A sad loss. Condolences to his family.

  • Perfume - 2010-12-11 14:46

    Condolernces to his family

  • jschutte911 - 2010-12-11 17:19

    And all of you adding your comments are perfect in every way???? You don't know half of the probs. So if you cant say something good, don't say anything at all. Our Dear Lord forgives. Who are all of you to Judge. Mat, you and your sister Jo-Jo are awesome people and your father was a icon in the entertainment business. Thanks for the entertainment dude!!

  • joannminnaar25 - 2010-12-11 18:22

    My Sharona dear i live with a drug addict,so pls keep ur mouth shut.He is in better health than what i am in and i have never touched drugs.This guys is dead and all u carry on is about the drugs.U know what no matter what if the person i live with died,i would not c the drug addict,i would c the person & the loss.this person has struggled with drugs 4 20yrs,i have been thru it with them for 5.pls - i have seen rehab after rehab.And dont say once and addict always one - guess u never been one.ppl change.if u tell them they always gonna be one then guess what they r.its a loss,no matter what - to his family and friends,they dont see the addict,they see their loved one lying there.someone they will see again on his have some sympathy and get some knowledge about drugs pls and if you do i apologize but who ever taught you should be retaught.i learnt allot & i see the pain & the again talk about what u know-never judge a person 4 being an addict - u know why - i am never met a stupid addict.they are clever,well educated,but i dont judge coz u dont know what happened in their life 2 get them there & it aint easy getting off.Condolences to the family.May God comfort you through this time,it cannot be easy no matter caused his death

      Duncan - 2010-12-12 11:12

      Anybody making comments on addicts should get themselves to a Narcotics Anonymous open meeting and see for themselves.

      DaveD - 2010-12-13 08:12

      +1 to Duncan. This thread sounds identical to some of the things I've heard walking the path of recovery

  • Shaun Fisher - 2010-12-11 20:20

    haert attack is very bad very sad that suuch a talented guy at such an elrly age.should lose his life to drugs TO LIVE A LONG LIFE YOU MUST KEEP FIT AND GO TO GYM AND DO A LOT OFF WALKING AND EAT condolences to the family

      DianaCroat - 2010-12-13 12:40

      HEy Shaun, nowhere does it say he lost his life to drugs! He had a heart attack and that can happen to anyone, anywhere! Please try to respect his family and friends in their time of mourning.

  • CDS - 2010-12-11 22:27


  • Kristi10 - 2010-12-12 10:00

    RIP Matthew

  • lisa.khn - 2010-12-12 13:25

    I honestly cant believe some of the comments people make. What has this world come to? I happened to Witness what happened and If any of u were there and saw what actually happened I suggest you keep your negative comments to yourself. Who are you to judge a man that you didn't even know, he was figting for his life! What makes me sad is that people like Matt gets taken away and we get stuck with narrow minded idiots like all of you. He had great talent and will be missed by his friends and family.

      Dog Poo - 2010-12-12 18:31

      People are really shamelessly insensitive and the apathetic manner in which we posthumously ridicule someone is just so inhumane. Please people someone died prematurely, the least we can do is to show compassion, let us not appoint ourselves the judges of character. No person walks this earth is perfect, neither are you.

      Alli - 2010-12-13 15:46

      Thank you Lisa, i am actually in shock reading some of these comments i.e. JoJo... How can you judge so harshly? Yes fair enough drug addicts generally are weak in order to get themselves in a situation like that but he cleaned himself up and as per Lisa, he was fighting for his life... No one wants to go through that! Lighten up and don't judge others so harshly, when you get to those big gates one day you will have a lot of explaining to do considering you probably haven't even met Matthew, so will hate to know what kind of person you are in everyday life!

  • Luciano - 2010-12-12 19:55

    rest in peace my friend,He was no doubt a talent.One thing we all can say is that now he is at peace.No more pain or suffering but in a better place.Condolences to friends,family and fans.

  • ressusi_anne - 2010-12-12 22:12

    None of us can sit on our sofas and do an autopsy. We don't know what happened and which factors contributed to his tragic death. Nasty, baseless speculation is a sign of ignorance. What all of us can do, however, is educate ourselves and learn how to identify stroke, heart attack and cardiac arrest. If more bystanders knew how to act and keep a victim alive, this young man might still be with us today. It is so easy and can save the life of someone you love, or even that of a stranger. If someone performed CPR whilst waiting for the ambulance tragedy might have been prevented. Youtube have a number of free instructional videos or anyone can contact the resuscitation council of south africa to find out about classes. Be prepared and help prevent tragedy! If it was not for a first aid course I took at work, my brother might have died on that same beach two years ago! He is not an an addict, he is in fact an extremely fit and healthy competitive cyclist, but he also collapsed without warning. It was all thanks to genetics! Bad S@#t happens to good people, learn what to do and prevent this from happening again!

  • Bakgat - 2010-12-13 07:57


  • preshengovender69 - 2010-12-13 09:04

    I miss his one liners

  • Trace - 2010-12-13 10:42

    Shame! That's so sad, saw him acting in the The Buddy Holly show at the Barnyard, very talented....lasher tools will miss you too Matthew :(

  • DianaCroat - 2010-12-13 12:37

    Gosh how sad, my condolensces to his family and friends.

  • KatAfrica - 2010-12-13 15:39

    This is so sad. What an awesome guy. His smile lit up a whole room. RIP Matty my deepest sympathy to your family. Not a nice way to go into the festive season. Bright Blessings!!!

  • Craig - 2010-12-13 16:06

    What has the world come to, a talented person has passed on, let it be "has anyone looked at themselves lately and tried to help make the world a better place".Sometimes its best to say nothing. To all the crits out there why not take your big mouths and try and help someone. Seems people care more about commenting than putting themselves in their families shoes. Strange thing with some Narcotics to some people here. Just remember it can happen to anyone, someone in the house you sleep might be doing it right now. What you gonna do. Come on folks lift each other

  • Monique - 2010-12-13 22:05

    Was shocked to hear the news of your passing-I enjoyed your swing show soooo much and was looking forward to the next one. Matt, i admired your courage to get up after each fall. We are all human and products of our upbringing. No-one should judge anyone whose shoes you have not walked in. Matt, thank you for the time you shared your talent with us, rest in peace and my deepest sympathy to the family and those that were close to him.Monique from Hope promotions

  • Calvin greenwood - 2010-12-14 09:52

    Please don’t even come and talk about these things, the guy may have dabbled with coke and what have you but his death is not a direct result of this, he could have been born with a weak heart, thus if someone dies of heart attack or stroke, at a young age, although it not common, it cant be decided that its from drug use...please wake up...

  • CraigMischief - 2010-12-14 10:04

    I knew Matthew since he was 17. What a talented young man. Big deal, he had a few problems, so what, don't we all have problems in life. For a piece of s*** like Jo-Jo to post an ugly comment like she did. Just shows she is an ignorant twat that has no understanding of real life. Matt, you were a wonderful friend and a Brilliant Entertainer. Get on that heavenly stage bud, "The Show must go on"

      David - 2010-12-16 16:46

      Craig ? as in Craig n Larry Karaoke? Hunters Days?

  • bzcaesar - 2010-12-14 10:27

    inb4 and after nobody cares

  • David - 2010-12-16 16:45

    @Sue Desbois. I'm with you on that, totally shocked, found out from Helen's FB. Matt was a top bloke ... bizarrely I've never once seen him on TV or stage (except at Hunter's !) those were the days ! RIP Matt :(

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