Jan Blohm's psych ward 'affair'

2011-10-24 09:59
Gavin Prins
Johannesburg – Afrikaans singer Jan Blohm is in trouble after he reportedly had an affair with a patient in a psychiatric hospital.

Blohm, whose real name is George Kymdell Harry, and his wife Zinta, are divorcing.

Rapport recently heard that Danielle Meyer will be mentioned as the the third party in the divorce proceedings.

Meyer was also a patient in the Denmar psychiatric hospital where Blohm was admitted for rehabilitation in September. His wife was reportedly crushed when she found out that his rehabilitation was accompanied with extra "benefits" in the form of Meyer.

Rapport is in possession of e-mails in which the two flirted with each other.

Blohm admitted to Rapport that there is "a connection" between him and Meyer, but that he can't become involved in a relationship right now, because he first has to "clear his head".


Although rumours are buzzing in the corridors of the hospital over the alleged affair, Denmar's manager, André Meiring, declined to comment.

Zinta has been lying low over the last week after she moved out of the couple's house in Pretoria.

Blohm decided to go to Denmar a month ago to get treatment for bipolar disorder.

According to a friend of Zinta, hospital staff began to notice Meyer and Blohm spending more and more time in each other's company. The hospital then phoned her to come and investigate.

Blohm has denied the affair.

According to Rapport, Denmar phoned Meyer's father to come and fetch her after she allegedly violated the hospital's rules.

Blohm has since been discharged from Denmar and his wife thought that everything was fine again, until she stumbled upon love letters between Meyer and her husband.
During a fight last weekend, Blohm allegedly assaulted his wife, after which she filed a complaint with the police.

He was arrested and spent the night in police cells before he was released on R500 bail.


Zinta has obtained an interdict against Blohm and is filing for divorce.

On inquiry, Blohm's lawyer Heidi Rossouw said: "Don't lend your ears to the neighbours. I would also indulge in drinking if I was busy getting a divorce."

Rossouw denies that her client started a relationship with Meyer in the hospital.

"Jan seeks solace from Danielle, who is a friend. He has many psychological problems. In his little world he did everything for Zinta. She is the one who wants a divorce.

"(Jan) will not hurt a fly. How can Zinta accuse him of assault and then hours later tell police she fears for her life? He accidentally pushed her. It was not assault. "

Rossouw said Zinta took almost everything, leaving only a bed and speakers.

About the e-mails Rossouw said: "Zinta was his manager and in charge of the e-mails."


  • Erika - 2011-10-24 12:33

    He is an alcoholic and then his lawyer says "I would also indulge in drink if I went through a divorce". Exactly what an alocholic wants to hear. I think no-one should buy his music and support his drug and alochol habit. This "tortoured artist" story is old.

      Dan Jackiels - 2013-09-12 22:24

      Or maybe we should only be concerned with the artist's music and keep our noses out of their personal lives.

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