Jan Blohm to become a dad

2011-12-13 09:12
Jani Meyer, Leighton Koopman
Johannesburg - Afrikaans rocker Jan Blohm and his wife, Zinta, will soon be a baby richer.

The couple found out recently that Zinta is eight weeks' pregnant and that the baby will be making his or her appearance in July.

Lydia Winchester, Blohm's spokesperson, confirmed the news on Monday.

Blohm (or rather Jurie Kymdell) and his wife were in the news in October when she accused him of assault. She later withdrew the complaint.

Winchester said they are very excited about the pregnancy.

'Swinging a little'

Blohm, 33, is not only known for his gruff voice. He also disputed allegations that he drinks too much and some of his concerts had to be cancelled or postponed due to this.

His concert at Dorpstraat Theatre outside Stellenbosch had to be cancelled on Sunday.

Co-owner of the theatre, Michelle Nolte, said on Monday that it was meant to be a "sober performance".

Nuus24 reported that a fan, Anton Pretorius, said one could see that Blohm was "swinging a little" on stage.

"I stopped the show after the fourth song because I felt the artist was not eligible to deliver a value-for-money performance. It was simply a business decision," Nolte said.



  • steve.dupreez - 2011-12-13 12:31

    It scares me to think that this man who abuse his wife is now spawning a child that will - ten-to-one - also suffer under the father's hands. And yesterday's article somewhere that he was asked to leave a stage somewhere because he was intoxicated, to add? I repeat, this scares me!!

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