Jan Blohm, wife make up outside court

2011-10-28 09:01
Hanti Otto
Pretoria – Afrikaans singer Jan Blohm walked out of the Pretoria Magistrate's Court relieved and free on Thursday after his wife withdrew a charge of assault against him.

The singer, born as George Harry Kymdell, slept in jail earlier this month before he appeared in court for the first time last week.

He was arrested on October 15 after his wife, Zinta, filed a complaint against him.

Blohm, 33, allegedly pushed her during a row.

The court also heard that the couple is about to divorce.


Zinta would've moved out of the couple's Waverley-house that same day, thus Blohm had no problem with the bail condition that he may not contact his wife, the court has heard.

He was released on R500 bail and the case was postponed so that a social worker can evaluate him.

The drama came after Blohm was treated in the Denmar psychiatric hospital for bipolar disorder.

Blohm looked neat on Thursday in an open-collar shirt and black jacket.

He was barely in court when the state withdrew the case against him.

It seems he and the complainant (his wife) was "reconciled outside the court".

He said he was relieved. Asked whether the divorce was to proceed, he replied: "We'll see how things go. We try to work things, our problems, out."

(Photo: Craig Nieuwenhuizen)


  • karlkemp8 - 2011-10-28 21:52

    bipolar is a very serious disease, please don't underestimate its effect on the mind. this does not excuse his behavior but it must be born in mind. i have met jan blohm in person many times, at his worst and at his best, and he has never been anything but eccentric and nice; at the very worst crazy. this does not mean he is a malicious, wife-beating thug. and let us be honest; a push? it's not like he hit her with a cricket bat.

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