Nudity is lekker for locals

2011-12-18 16:45
Steve Kretzmann
Cape Town - South Africans seem to have no problem taking their clothes off, says a British couple who celebrated the opening a new nudist resort in Somerset West last week.

At the opening of the Vasnat naturist resort last weekend about 60 people came to scope out the premises and had no problems shedding their clothes once the dignitaries had left.

And 95% of them were local Afrikaners, said Mark Taylor, who runs the resort with his wife Samantha.

The naturist couple are not new to the nudist resort business, having established the Vassalike Naturis Club on the Greek island of Kefalonia in 2007.

Since then - and despite the global economic downturn - their naked ambition has seen their unusual business flourish, and now expand to South Africa.

“People thought we were totally crazy when we left our jobs to start a hotel for naturists,” said Samantha, 32, who walked out on a lucrative management role at City firm JP Morgan. Mark, 39, worked as a chef.

The new resort, on an extensive property backing onto the Helderberg Mountains, boasts an outdoor swimming pool, luscious gardens, easy access to the beach and a spa.

Mark said they run a respectable operation.

“There are no sexual connotations at all,” said Mark.

“If anyone has any wrong ideas they’ll be out so fast they won’t believe it.”

The point of naturism was to enjoy nature without having to wear a “soggy bathing costume”.

Clients were professionals of all ages who wanted to enjoy nature and socialise without the burden of clothing.

“When people undress they become so much more sociable as all symbols of status were stripped,” said Mark.


  • Susanna - 2011-12-18 17:38

    Where did they come on the "Vasnat" name?

      GARBADGEDAY - 2011-12-18 20:19

      how do you find a blind man at a nudist resort? It's not very hard...

      Squeegee - 2011-12-18 22:08

      Don't tell Julius - he'll try nationalize your assets.

      MadgesLife - 2011-12-20 09:29

      They wanted to incorporate the Vassiliki resort (in Greece) with the word Naturist, so hence Vas-Nat.

  • Jean - 2011-12-18 18:12

    Hmmmno thank you m too old school....

  • PyroSA - 2011-12-18 18:25

    So the 60 people that came to a naturist resort had no problem shedding their clothes? Great sample group :p

  • Gerda - 2011-12-18 19:43

    That's why private parts are called private parts. To stay private.

      Richard - 2011-12-18 23:19

      21st Century... Get a Life... Mother Grundy... In case you have forgotten, we are all born naked! You have serious hang ups

      Ryan - 2011-12-19 08:28

      @Richard, if you can point me to a child born with clothes on, then il walk around naked.

  • Shayne - 2011-12-18 20:11

    Vassalike Naturis Club

  • Gregory Jurgens - 2011-12-18 21:25

    Let it all hang out comrades

  • Silvana - 2011-12-19 05:43

    What a non=news article. In fact, it's an advertorial. And who the f&^k cares if they are Afrikaners? A really Stupid, stupid article

  • braamc - 2011-12-19 06:23

    Easy access to the beach? No beach in Somerset West?

  • Natalie - 2011-12-19 07:10

    Me thinks this is a novel idea...

      John - 2011-12-20 11:00

      Good for you Natalie.

  • Preshen - 2011-12-19 08:14

    Cape Town water is cold and makes thing shrink

      richard.hipkin - 2011-12-19 14:45

      Speak for yourself...

  • Monica - 2011-12-19 09:25

    This is what stupid people do.They get bored because they are not preoccupied of any spiritual growth ,they react with coldness at peoples problems and wonder what to do to be not like average people and indulge themselves in nonsense habits. Of course we are born naked but does`n mean that clothes sets boundaries between us and nakedness opens them.

      richard.hipkin - 2011-12-19 14:45

      Huh?? Cuckoo!!

      John - 2011-12-20 10:58

      Quite a sweeping statement there Monica, starting with a mass insult (stupid people)! What have your personal experiences been of this? I am betting the answer is "none". If your spirituality is of the christian persuasion, you might want to rethink the insults. the meantime, why don't you give it a try. You may just find you grow spitirually as a result?

      Chantelle - 2011-12-21 15:42

      talking about spiritual growth, but beginning your sentence with an insult??? naaaaaice...

  • bukscronje - 2011-12-19 11:10

    Die daaglikse kantoor lewe moet seker maar verskriklik wees vir die arme drommels waarna die artikel verwys..."Clients were professionals of all ages who wanted to enjoy nature and socialise without the burden of clothing.". Wonder hoe kom hulle deur 'n lang dag by die kantoor met klere aan?

      Gert - 2012-03-22 16:25

      Dis moeilik, maar ons maak dit. As dit ons keuse was dan het ons permanent kaal geloop. En vir die varke wat dink dit is nie reg om kaal te loop nie....ek kan nie help jy kry vuil gedagtes as jy jou klere uittrek nie.

  • Hennie - 2011-12-19 11:32

    I hate clothes they are so restrictive. If I could I would not wear any, ever. That said. I don't think I will go to a resort like that as people are judgemental. I am grossly over weight and I don't think anybody wants to see my various rolls. Pity, really. the world would be a better, but poorer place without all these issues related to clothes.

      John - 2011-12-20 10:59

      From what I have seen, these people are very non-judgemental. It's the complete opposite of a "fashion show" and I expect you will find easy acceptance.

      Gert - 2012-03-22 16:28

      Naturists accept everybody as they are. We all have marks and bumps and rolls, it's bigots who hide behind clothes.

  • MadgesLife - 2011-12-20 09:32

    I went to the pre-launch event at the resort and wrote my own view on it. As a non-naturist, I was pleasantly surprised. You can read more here: Sometimes it helps to just be objective and respect that the world is full of people with different ways, likes and dislikes. Doesn't mean one is right and the other wrong as long as no-one is harmed.

  • George - 2011-12-20 14:09

    Check the Vasnat resort photo's out on Naked Lifestyle/Adventures. Jaco Muller Sun Shine Naturist Adventures South Africa.

  • mnikeb - 2011-12-22 09:49

    Damn, I would luv 2 be de seeing different things....

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