New magazine for ethical consumers

2011-10-20 23:09
Cape Town - A new magazine aimed at the engaged South African consumer, titled Ethical Living, is to be be launched in November.

Ethical Living will be dedicated to helping South Africans navigate the moral maze of ethical consumerism. The magazine notes that purchasing decisions are becoming more influenced by issues such as climate change, Fairtrade, animal welfare and good governance, and therefore seeks to illuminate consumers about the roles companies are playing with regard to these issues.

The information in Ethical Living is provided by Ethical Living PTY Ltd, and the UK based NGO, The Ethical Consumer Research Association, established in 1987. Ethical Living is an alternative lifestyle organisation that supports the growth of the ethical market by investigating companies’ practices, uncovering truths behind operations and manufacturing and highlighting the most ethical product and services.

Buyers' guides

Ethical Living does not carry out much primary research. Instead, most of the information in the magazine comes from previously published sources including campaign groups such as Oxfam, Friends of the Earth and War on Want.

The magazine will also request information directly from companies on their environmental policies and reporting, and other policies, such as their attitude towards animal testing and workers' rights.

Each month's issue will cover a specific theme or industry, as well as providing buyers guides for a range of every day products.

The first issue of Ethical Living will be on sale at leading retailers in November 2011. The first issue looks at Personal Computers and looks at a range of specific issues in this regard.