Oz gets Afrikaans magazine

2011-11-10 11:57
Pauli van Wyk
Johannesburg – The Afrikaans speaking community in Australia and New Zealand will soon be holding an Australian born Afrikaans magazine, in their hands.

The magazine, titled Merise, will primarily aim to make the traumatic immigration process easier, editor Suzette van der Heijden said.

The first edition of Merise will hit the shelves beginning of December and will appear quarterly at first.

"An Afrikaans magazine is always the first thing someone wants you to bring back when you go to South Africa. The magazines here have a strong tabloid appeal and contain news about celebrities with lots of pictures. We want something more meaty and miss a Sarie or Rooi Rose," she said on Wednesday from Perth.

Van der Heijden and her husband, Jacques, previously lived in Johannesburg and emigrated in 2006. She worked as a business reporter at Transvaler and worked at Vaderland.

"It's going well with us in Perth, but you'll never forget where you come from and where your roots lie. It is certainly very traumatic to emigrate and Merise promises to make this process easier.

"Although the first edition will stay at 10 000 copies, we have received excellent feedback from the Afrikaans community.

"I have phoned almost every South African shop in Australia and New Zealand and they were immediately prepared to assist with the distribution. In our first edition a main article will help women survive their first Australian Christmas."


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