Pik Botha launches new book

2011-08-04 11:42
Philda Essop
Cape Town - Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Pik Botha has said that South Africans should start talking again about the state of the nation to find solutions to its problems.

Botha spoke at the Wordsworth book shop at the V&A Waterfront at the launch of a new book about his life entitled Pik Botha en sy Tyd, written by Theresa Papenfus.

He also said that civil organisations aught to play a bigger role in society. He then mentioned that he is aware of a number of willing white farmers who offer help to black farmers, but who are never called upon.

"The same applies to teachers. There are thousands of white teachers who would be willing to return to the profession. I don't even want to speak of the problems with the health care system. People wait from early in the morning until late in the afternoon to receive care. We must start thinking about liaising - to return to the civil terrain in order to have conversations and offer help to each other."

'Work together'

The success of South Africa's hosting of the 2010 soccer world cup proved that we can thrive. "We can achieve success on all fronts if all – black, white, coloured and Indian work together to achieve that goal."

Botha initially wanted to write the book himself, but realised that he would be tempted to omit less flattering aspects of his life.

"She (Papenfus) was so determined, that's why I agreed. It is a factual account of the country's historical events that eventually lead to the constitutional order we have today."

Guest speaker at the event, Professor Jakes Gerwel, said that "books such as these shed light on the complexity of the creation of South Africa and the various contributions that lead to that creation".


  • CharlSkeptic - 2011-08-04 11:55

    It would a great fly-swatting too, I'm sure

      CharlSkeptic - 2011-08-04 11:56

      *tool sorry...

  • Anton - 2011-08-04 11:58

    Oh, God Pik, you messed this country up in the first place, please go away...forever

  • GH - 2011-08-04 12:11

    I liked him. He had a good sense of humour. He said his job was like trying to sell bacon to the jews.

      otter - 2011-08-04 12:32

      ya...thinghsssj are werrry funny

  • daaivark - 2011-08-04 12:21

    'Skuus Pik? (hic)

      Captainmorgan - 2011-08-04 15:09

      He is not under the afluence of incahol anymore (hic) Maar alles is nou PIKSWART!!!!

  • Daemos1 - 2011-08-04 12:31

    Whatever we think o this man, he has information that could help in the future of our country, so I thik we should at least hear what he has to say, we're not under any obligation to act on his words

      daaivark - 2011-08-04 12:58

      You're joking, right?

      Daemos1 - 2011-08-04 13:11

      No I've read Mein Kampf, doesn't mean I agfree with hitler

      Matt :-) - 2011-08-04 13:24

      @ Daemos1 - yup, me too - if anything it made me loathe Addie far more. Vital reading though if you want to truly understand "why"...

      Daemos1 - 2011-08-04 18:09


  • otter - 2011-08-04 12:33

    think I'll likely rather read the label on the toilet duck bottle

      jockvanwyk - 2011-08-04 15:25

      if you read the label you would not be drinking the stuff

  • Badballie - 2011-08-04 14:40

    Mr. Botha forget to mention here that the legacy of the 2010 soccer is stadiums that are white elephants, and a government that is so corrupt it will not allow an Mlungu near its book for fear of discovery

  • Blair Hewitt - 2011-08-04 14:44

    would not spend a 1 c on this, would rather contribute to molema's trust

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