Prince Charles meets Tutu

2011-11-07 16:19
Cape Town - Britain's Prince Charles met with Archbishop Desmond Tutu at the weekend.

On Saturday, Charles - who shares passionate views on climate change with the archbishop - used a speech at the University of Cape Town to denounce foreign investors for forcing struggling African farmers to compete for land.

The following day saw current Archbishop Thabo Makgoba tell the prince and his wife Camilla he will push for rich countries to make "binding commitments" to reducing carbon emissions at the forthcoming UN climate change conference.

Speaking afterwards, Archbishop Tutu said: "We showed the prince and duchess that we are a rainbow people and amongst all the beautiful singing we talked about important things.

"I am hoping that people will assert real attainable limits to carbon emissions as it's not just something that's going to be happening in the future, climate change is now, we are already seeing its awful consequences."

History and tradition

The archbishop also praised the royal couple, insisting they are still relevant to South African people.

He said: "They are a symbol, they hold together a very diverse commonwealth and they bring also a great deal of history and tradition. We have a new nation but we balance with the commonwealth and the empire, we have a long shared history."

During Sunday's service at St. George's Cathedral, Archbishop Makgoba joked about the wedding of Charles' son Prince William to Duchess Catherine earlier this year.

Following a bible reading, he addressed the royal couple, who were seated in the front pew, saying: "I suspect that in this year of Royal weddings, your Royal highnesses know rather more than most of us quite how much preparation such occasions require. It even crossed my mind Sir, that I should perhaps cede the pulpit to you."

The service marked the end of the couple's five-day visit to South Africa before flying on to Tanzania to help celebrate the country's 50th Independence Day.


  • Vusi - 2011-11-07 16:37

    Everybody on here knows how I feel about the ANC, but honestly reports of these British Royals coming here and sipping tea with our Freedom Fighters, just makes me SICK!!!!!! Bunch of hypocrites. His very mother could have stepped in with the Nationalists, but she didn't. So please explain to me what is the purpose of having a Queen when she can sit back and sip her tea and just watch atrocities being committed against people? Same for him and his recycled wife. Purposeless people! Please Archbishop, you have far more important things to do than hang around with this retired Playboy and his fluze! Oh...I forgot for a moment....The Poms laid the foundations for the Nationalists!

  • Russell - 2011-11-07 21:46

    Well eh well eh well eh gord will biless youoo

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