Radio presenter fired over F-bomb

2011-09-27 15:14
Cape Town – Eyewitness News presenter Mark Esterhuysen has been given the boot after he swore several times during a news bulletin.

Esterhuysen, who read the news at 01:00, used the word "fuck" repeatedly during the broadcast.

Eyewitness News has since posted an apology to their listeners on their Facebook page in which they also state that Esterhuysen's contract with the radio station has been terminated with immediate effect.

Mark Esterhuysen tweeted the following on Tuesday: "No regrets about my bulletin. Don't believe what the capitalists and racists say. That's all for now."

To listen to Esterhuysen's expletive filled broadcast click here. WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE.


  • MissGremlinSays - 2011-09-27 15:23

    Juvinile! This carefully contrived little temper tantrum will follow him for the rest of his career.

      Solo-JHB - 2011-09-27 15:28

      I guess his career in live broadcasting is over

      nickwes - 2011-09-27 15:33

      Yep, what a little idiot. He has just screwed his career for the rest of his life.

      ObieKonobie - 2011-09-27 15:42

      That will teach 702 for hiring a child to do a grown up job

      jontheb - 2011-09-27 15:43

      Seems like a spoilt brat who got his job through daddy's connections and freaked out the moment real life came along. How old is this moron anyway?

      Christiaan - 2011-09-27 16:06

      @jontheb...he is 22! can you believe it. read his blog and you will see that his idiocy extends far beyond his radio rant. this really is can you throw your career away, not that he was anything special, but still.

      ObieKonobie - 2011-09-27 16:13

      My god, I just read this guy's blog and he's more of a nut job than I thought. Claims to have realised that civilization is a joke after reading a Mens Health article. BWHAAAAAhaaaaaaa!!!!

      rickibobbi - 2011-09-27 16:31

      F@#$ being

      Bad1hq - 2011-09-27 16:38

      Shame its like my three year olds tantrums...except she doesn't say Fk as much. I seriously thought he was going to cry at the end. He shouldn't have smoked that tik before going on air...

      Buic Unix - 2011-09-27 16:43

      @matt:-) I think he wont get fired as he is reporting the case of the word..the word to me does not surface to the reality of what our problems are in the world more in this continent...theres more critical issues that threaten our very he says F petrol hikes, F malema, F politicians, F the system...the reality of the situation is very grim..looking at the chaos

      I Like Everything - 2011-09-27 16:45

      I like this guy.. I like him a lot

      Saige - 2011-09-27 17:02

      Or not. His upped his game, raised his profile and made himself heard.

      jontheb - 2011-09-27 17:20

      I actually googled him and found his profile on Linked In - he hasn't even finished his degree in journalism (2008-2011)!!! How did he get the job anyhow? Daddy must have pulled some strings...

      Spyker May - 2011-09-27 17:58

      ... To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing. Elbert Hubbard.

      Ula Gillion - 2011-09-27 18:31

      As Jay Alexander said, "Profanity is the crutch of a conversational cripple."

      Phaedioux - 2011-09-27 21:31

      He claims he is a 'master debater'. A 'master debater' is just a nice way of saying 'wanker'. I believe that in 5 years time he is going to regret his behaviour today - it is such a pity that his followers appear to have the same attributes as Malema's followers?

      john - 2011-09-27 21:39

      Buic Unix, us capitalists may be "slaves". But at least we don't need to be fed by those who claim to be free. Quite the contrary, we're the ones who are prevailed upon to feed them when their alternatives to capitalism (like Marxism, lol) result in mass starvation. If this guy doesn't like the money system, "slave labour" and civilisation, he is free to take a knife, a box of matches and some other essentials, and go off into the bush to live like the "wild animal" he proclaims to be. The only problem with that idea is that he would need to feed himself. Which kinda brings me full circle back to my point about capitalists...

      demonsofhate - 2011-09-28 06:15

      I rate he was fed up with Eyewitness News and/or being a presenter and decided to go out with a bang, or an F-bomb...

      MALALAPIPE - 2011-09-28 07:29

      He is 100% right you know!!!

      York Hunt - 2011-09-28 07:53

      Hey we all know the system is less than perfect but Mark, you're going about it the wrong way. FAIL!

      Johannes Viljoen - 2011-09-28 08:10

      Dude you my new HERO!!!!!!!!!! Big ups dude, wish you all the best for your future!!!!!

      kaja - 2011-09-28 08:22

      You know, the way I see it, doesn't matter who you are, people are starting to loose it in this country, especially white people, I think that a lot of white people are keeping things bottled up, so whether you like it or not we ARE going to get to a point where the corruption, malema,hatred and racism etc etc is going to start boiling over in funny places.

      werner.smidt - 2011-09-28 08:34

      Whatever he said, the Miley cameltoe to the right of the article still makes my eye itch.

      DEVILS SON - 2011-09-28 08:46

      im white..apparently but i take offence being called white, my ancestors have sold everyone into slavery, white and black, the economy is the biggest scam the world will ever know, i am not surprised that africans hated the colonies, we came we saw we forced everyone to earn a wage, no more were people free, movements were restricted, barter is impossible means of survival, and we all live according to the whims of the system.... but the change is apon us, like it or not... i stand with anarchy for it is true freedom

      Honey_Spider - 2011-09-28 08:51

      I agree, F@ck Malema!!!!!

      Khoisan X - 2011-09-28 13:49

      Have you noticed how un-newsworthy 702 is finding this story? Just imagine if this happened at the SABC!!!

  • mickey - 2011-09-27 15:24

    Ouch, something's bugging him.

      McDaNife - 2011-09-27 15:27

      Yep but hey thats the way to vent your feelings in our society I suppose like enough is enough

      OMO - 2011-09-27 16:36

      Sounds like had more than a joint. Maybe he smoked the whole arm.

      Shistirrer - 2011-09-27 16:42

      Bugging him? That's an understatement. I just read his blog - this guy is certifiably insane. He needs help, and soon, before he pulls an Anders Breivik on us.

      brendonml - 2011-09-27 16:54

      if its not bugging you, you must be delusional, meh meh, enjoy the rugby.

      RonJ - 2011-09-28 07:58

      He knows what it's like to work for an A-hole boss ... :) Most of us do. Sick and tired of the world's B.S. !!! It's all B.S., we all know it and we all play the games we need to do in order to survive. We'd all be doing something else though given half the chance ...

  • pragmatism - 2011-09-27 15:26

    "No regrets about my bulletin. Don't believe what the capitalists and racists say" ... is this guy for real?

  • cb - 2011-09-27 15:26

    Maybe he just said what we're all thinking..

  • Johann - 2011-09-27 15:27

    What a way to go.

  • pitchblack - 2011-09-27 15:29

    I guess he got tired of being a wage slave...welcome to the club Mark.

  • burtfred - 2011-09-27 15:30

    He f****d everybody except himself - self-centred brat. His mom must be ashamed of him.

  • BloodRiver - 2011-09-27 15:30

    I thought you could only get fired over the k-bomb?

      paulmandlankosi - 2011-09-27 19:13

      Stupidity is not a curable disease

      RonJ - 2011-09-28 07:59

      No I think the ultimate is the K ... bomb. Rolls nicely off the tongue though, don't you think?

  • Dave - 2011-09-27 15:30

    Sounds like he has been been hanging with Julia$$... what an idiot

  • Nathi - 2011-09-27 15:31

    So he spoke his mind. Isn't that part of democracy?

      Spade - 2011-09-27 15:38

      Not when you're supposed to read the news...

      pragmatism - 2011-09-27 15:47

      Not when you have Icasa on your ass...

      WCD - 2011-09-29 10:44

      Nathi is this a democracy ?

  • cerveza - 2011-09-27 15:34

    In Germany on Radio Eins, one of their most popular stations, people are allowed to swear. They simply just say "only for adults" every hour or so and then don't let little petty things like swearwords that kids and sensitive adults year everyday at home and on the streets anyway can cause a bunch of wining people that suddenly start bleeding from the ears because of the horrible things the heard. Love and respect.

      Matt :-) - 2011-09-27 15:56

      Yes and look at the quality of German TV/Radio... VOX Köln, Lila Wanders, I rest my case! (granted, it was on Saturdays, very late) (still, firing someone for saying the F-word is a little draconian - there are far worse insults out there)

      Bokke - 2011-09-27 16:00

      Not in SA please!!!!!!

      zaatheist - 2011-09-27 16:11

      Gee matt - I agree with you. There are far more horrifying words and scenes on TV. Sticks and stones ............

      cerveza - 2011-09-27 16:25

      @Matt - The quality of TV/Radio is quite pathetic in most parts of the world, but I am not familiar with "VOX Köln" or "Lila Wanders" so if you don't mind will you please elaborate on your case before you rest it. At least we agree on firing him for swearing at 1 AM is draconian.

      Christiaan - 2011-09-27 17:11

      @Cerveza. Firstly, congrats on going to Germany. You seem to be missing the point however. When someone is supposed to read the news, it is not a cue for them to go off their heads and swear. Even if he didnt swear, his job is to read the news, and he did not do that. This guy was just trying to be sensationalist in order to get twitter followers and blog readers. Why should people be swearing on radio anyway? I swear a lot, but I dont really need to hear it on the radio, too much sh@te coming out of dj's mouths anyway

      cerveza - 2011-09-27 19:01

      @Christiaan - congrats on making an assumption, I could have listened to the radio station with online streaming or heard it from a German friend, but good on you for making an assumption and congratulating me on it. I was simply comparing it to a different situation so people can have something to compare it to except their own "morals" that most people like to force on everyone around them, and I used a an European example as most commenters here seem to think everything works they way they want in Europe and seem to be oblivious that European culture, lifestyle and actions does not confirm with their Utopian view of it. So you miss the point, congrats again. Secondly I do not condone swearing on the radio, but I am not traumatised or even hurt by it when it happens. I do think his rant was childish, but did he deserve to loose his job, no. His rant was probably more interesting than the news anyway. And congratulations for the @ sign in Sh@te, at least you don't swear on the internet. Very professional of you

  • ManofGod - 2011-09-27 15:35

    No such thing as bad publicity.....

      OMO - 2011-09-27 15:46

      Big difference between being bad and being pathetic.

  • Buck - 2011-09-27 15:35

    What an expansive vocabulary and so thought provoking too. If you wanna make a statement dude, make it without profanity. Sorry, but you're just not Howard Stern.....chop.

  • lenyora - 2011-09-27 15:36

    ... hey maybe he got a tender ... or won Powerball!!

      lollie sue - 2011-09-27 15:49


  • Ripley - 2011-09-27 15:36

    Same way as most of us have been taught not to pee in the street - news presenters should have been taught a few things about what not to do - and sure as hell behaving like some jumped-up, self-centred, juvenile a****hole is one of them !

  • SA-FAN - 2011-09-27 15:36

    They are firing radio presenters left right and center! Wow

      SA-FAN - 2011-09-27 15:43

      Paul Rotherham, Joffes, Darren Scott, Gareth Cliff were in trouble and now this guy what is going on

      Ingie - 2011-09-27 15:45

      Yes also Darren Scott...when somone airs their views openly they get sad

      MissGremlinSays - 2011-09-27 15:57

      @ Ingie. Darren Scott was not fired. He resigned. As the matter was of a personal nature, and his comment was not on air or directed at a collegue, he probably would not have been fired. He resigned due to public pressure.

      SA-FAN - 2011-09-27 16:00

      Miss Gremlin it actually was a colleague at a team building function and I think he would have been fired if he didn't step down himself!

      markusjoe - 2011-09-27 16:07

      @Ingie. Where do you see Malema's name in the article? What a Stoopid comment!

      cerveza - 2011-09-27 16:28

      @Ingie - what about stop saying "what about..."? Please stick to the article, if you don't like the topic look for one that you actually want to talk about.

  • Musa Ngubane - 2011-09-27 15:36

    Well, he asked for it, he got it!

      flummoxed - 2011-09-27 15:45

      Immature wally.

      Bokke - 2011-09-27 16:03

      I still say this "if you are a public figure, there are things you should not say in public"! See what happens now? Other people can't learn from other people's mistakes!!

  • wings optional - 2011-09-27 15:37

    he knew what the consequences of his actions would be but he did it anyway. Kudos to him for having the balls to express his dissatisfaction, unlike so many who simply sit and b*tch and moan. We all use whatever platform we have accessible to us, for some it's news24, for others it's facebook, for mark it was a news bulletin. Good for him for being braver than any of us ever are.

      narike lintvelt - 2011-09-27 16:32

      I agree. The kid took a stand. In time he might learn to put his ideas and beliefs to practical use.

      Saige - 2011-09-27 16:55

      Good for Mark!! He said it like it is. I agree with him.

  • OMO - 2011-09-27 15:40

    Wow.....this is just so heavy I don't think I will be able to digest my third Marie biscuit!!!

  • Badnews - 2011-09-27 15:42

    He got a few of the effs right, the one he missed is eff all unruly newscasters

  • flummoxed - 2011-09-27 15:42

    What was the idiot thinking.. that he'd get a medal??

  • Honestly - 2011-09-27 15:43

    It seems that the "F" and "K" word is a very touchy subject. Very sad

      FREDDT - 2011-09-27 18:08

      No matter how you use the F or the K. In one word with some letters in the middle or at the beginning of a word with the other in the middle followed by others. What a B-up. It stays touchy.

  • Bones - 2011-09-27 15:43

    Ag F*CK all of you who are bitching on this forum. You probably use the F-word more on a daily basis than he does. IDIOTS!!!

      pragmatism - 2011-09-27 15:48

      but we don't read news...

      cerveza - 2011-09-27 16:30

      @pragmatism - yep, don't read it, just comment on it

      Saige - 2011-09-27 16:56

      lol ...

      PyroSA - 2011-09-27 19:55

      @Bones: Definitely not in my professional capacity. Even if he did not F-bomb the whole tirade, he could still be going strongly against the viewpoints of the radio station. Self promotion is also not something that would be kindly looked at. 'Stealing' air-time to advertise himself when he should be doing the news? Heck, I would expect him to be fired or at least seriously reprimanded even if he did not swear at all.

      RonJ - 2011-09-28 08:01

      Dudes please, with a final f-you broadcast like that, he knew he was outta there. That was his middle finger goodbye to the establishment. He knew it, so what the hell, go out in a blaze of glory I say !!!

      OMO - 2011-09-28 08:28

      RonJ: We can always rely on you for an inane comment. Blaze of glory at 01h00........ Who the hell was listening? Please don't tell me you are married, and worse, have children.

  • Ingie - 2011-09-27 15:44

    Maybe he was just FEDUP with same SH!T on the news everyday...MP assualts woman..cops that stopped Winnie to go on trial...think I would have done the same thing. Hmm wonder !!! just wondering if was a diff person would the same have happened i.e. fired...sorrrry had to bring this up seeing everything is BEE related today

      Ingie - 2011-09-27 16:00

      You talk about respect..what about our own govt eg ANC/Malema..what respect are they showing get a life

  • caleb69 - 2011-09-27 15:44

    He knew what he was doing, good luck ahead Mark, respect!!!!

  • Currie_Mafia - 2011-09-27 15:44

    They walk amongst us....

  • crackerr - 2011-09-27 15:45

    We all experience our skew moments. Ultimately we are all dependent on the capitalists for our livelihood. No use getting too exited about it. He really buggered himself. Unless of course he has some real talent attractive enough to others to part from their money for. Maybe that powerball or lotto results played a role. Both based firmly on what the capitalist system represents.

  • Buic Unix - 2011-09-27 15:48

    Go Mark

      Buic Unix - 2011-09-27 15:49

      defend the truth Boy!!

  • Clive - 2011-09-27 15:48

    He looks too young to have a chip on his shoulder, so where did he get this rubbish from? He's probably an ANCYL member.

      brendonml - 2011-09-27 17:27

      With a comment like that, you must be... 5? Maybe he isnt permantly intoxicated on booze and rugby and can see and state the obvious.

      Noc - 2011-09-27 18:24

      Good grief Clive, you must be the idiot in a number of villages with an egg-brain comment like that. Are you sure you're allowed to play on the computer, son?

  • lollie sue - 2011-09-27 15:51

    He should have known better

  • Brenton - 2011-09-27 15:51

    What was his point?

      OMO - 2011-09-27 15:54

      F*ck everyone I believe......

      Saige - 2011-09-27 16:58

      I think he's a young man who's finally seen through the "institution". He won't accept politicians/people/orgs and their BS anymore. Good for him. He took a stand.

      Noc - 2011-09-27 18:32

      Brenton just made the case for the ignorant masses who think that this society is how our lives should be. Bravo.

  • Enigma - 2011-09-27 15:53

    That's what I call going out with a bang!

  • Aquila - 2011-09-27 15:55

    He's for real. Maybe he is just seeing through the electronic hallucinations with which this culture keeps us pacified - that's enough to make anyone angry.

  • Cuba12 - 2011-09-27 15:55

    Hahaha, sounds like he just watched Fight Club and wants to be Tyler Durten.

      Redback - 2011-09-27 16:03

      Rule number one: You do not talk about Fight Club, Cuba12.

      birdman - 2011-09-27 16:11

      Rubbish, Rule #1 has always been "no poofters"!

      OMO - 2011-09-27 16:33

      Is that why you were refused birdman?

  • pragmatism - 2011-09-27 15:59

    he was more angry about his graveyard shift, I think. I used to hate my night shift at one media house 5 years ago ... and I felt I was a wage slave ... Like he does... but somethings should be limited to thoughts and feelings, no need to utter them in a civilised society...

      Noc - 2011-09-27 18:34

      I suggest you think out your little box, like he does.

  • Ren - 2011-09-27 16:00

    lol what an angry chop

  • Bill - 2011-09-27 16:02

    He has got more balls that the rest of you apathetic liberals that are running him down...! Thumb me down....I don’t really care a toss....!

      fragtion - 2011-09-27 16:41

      He and you sound more like the liberals to be honest. He wants some ideal freedom/liberty and is complaining about a fundamentally conservative (no language on air, etc) capitalist system. At least that's my impression

  • siren703 - 2011-09-27 16:06

    its hillarious! what a laught Go Mark

  • Wai-Szee Sing - 2011-09-27 16:06

    Round of applause for this guy... we’re all thinking it, he just said it

  • suzy - 2011-09-27 16:08

    I think I agree with most of what he said... :) Was a bit of a publicity stunt though. Mr Esterhuysen clearly has bigger plans than the grave yard shift, reading news

  • Nick - 2011-09-27 16:11

    Poor dude has clearly lost the plot. Sad really.

  • texx - 2011-09-27 16:12

    You awesome Mark tell it like it is.....

  • Bokke - 2011-09-27 16:16

    Having listened to the sound clip.... I rest my case!! If i were the sattion manager, I would have fired him as well!! I wouldn't have guts to talk like that infront of my family let alone on the national / regional radio station!!! Is he an ANCYL member??

      fragtion - 2011-09-27 16:50

      Does it make you proud to be controlled and regulated in your every behavior? As human beings we should be responsible enough to think for ourselves and express our honest opinions for who we are, not holding ourselves back out of fear of judgement because we don't conform to some arbitrary expectation of, say, the state. It's not about having the guts to do it infront of 'X' or not - it's about the principle. If you have something to express, you should do it. Let's quit being timid, lifeless puppets, if you ask me

      whyrpplinpowerstupid - 2011-09-27 17:21

      fragtion Do you truly believe South Africans are responsible enough not to be regulated. As it is with regulations we have people calling for the death of other races. Imagine the anarchy.

      Noc - 2011-09-27 18:38

      What's really sad is that the ANCYL is less crazy than what's going on in the world around you, yet you will only see that as a yard stick. You really should wake up and start thinking. You can do it.

  • Natalie - 2011-09-27 16:21

    Maybe he his ratings were down and he needed something to spice up the graveyard shift... Democracy or not this guy needs a BEEEEG hug and some serious medication.

  • Johnny - 2011-09-27 16:21

    So Pretoria also has a tik problem ...

      Slackie - 2011-09-27 17:22

      LOL - good one

  • PROSA - 2011-09-27 16:24


  • stabes - 2011-09-27 16:26

    That's the problem with the youth today. They think that whatever spews from their pie-holes is deep, thought-out, philosophical... when it's actually just mindless baby drivel! Get a life you pathetic loser. And use your last pay cheque and get in touch with a good shrink, cos you need one desperately.

  • Magnum - 2011-09-27 16:28

    He just expressed his frustrations, at least he has the balls to do so! It's more I can say for all you lame asses that spend every day leaving useless comments crying about your emotions and current state of politics in this left wing country! Feel it!

      stabes - 2011-09-27 16:33

      Expressing your frustrations on national radio. Clearly the way to go -NOT! Nobody's really interested thanks very much. This is the behaviour of a troubled individual.

      Noc - 2011-09-27 18:43

      @stabes I can't think of a better medium than national radio, especially if it's at your disposal, to spread awareness. You may not be interested, but lots of others are, and feel the same - I salute him, and then look at you on your high horse complaining about "the youth of today"... he has the b@lls to stand up and say it like it is; you just keep on mumbling on your park bench.

      john - 2011-09-27 23:19

      Magnum, using that logic, a rapist has the balls to have sex with a woman he fancies - and not to take no for an answer. And a hijacker has the balls to go out and take the car he wants while the rest of us "brainwashed sheep" can only dream of owning one. Really, having balls isn't always the great characteristic that you make it out to be. George Bush had balls to insist that Iraq had WMD, invade them for it - and then completely ignore everybody who asked him where the WMD were. I don't see too many people praising him for his "balls". Noc, what "awareness" is he spreading? Ooh, that the evil Establishment is out to get us, that capitalism is ruthless and unfair, that being paid to do a job and work outside normal hours is just infra dig for us sensitive artistic types who haven't been brainwashed by the mainstream media, and can't we all just sit around in a circle singing Kumbaya instead? That isn't news. It was old hat in the 1960s already.

  • Linds Letter - 2011-09-27 16:28

    This guy is an Anders Breivik waiting to happen. They should keep a very close eye on him.

      fragtion - 2011-09-27 17:00

      If you think this guy represents the worst, then I really feel for your ignorance :/

  • James Mac - 2011-09-27 16:28

    he hasn't skewed his career at all, like Charley sheen also skewed his career when he went on a rant... quite the opposite.