Singer's fatal crash investigated

2013-02-03 21:03
Wallace du Plessis

Cape Town - Police have yet to decide whether to prosecute a well-known singer who ran over a pedestrian in Soweto last week.

Warrant Officer Kay Makhubela told News24 on Sunday night that the artist could, at this stage, not be named.

He said the accident happened in Jabulani at about 07:00 on Monday morning.

The singer took the 79-year-old woman to Chris Hani-Baragwanath Hospital herself, where the woman died two hours later.

Makhubela said the singer hadn’t been arrested.

He said possible speeding made out part of the ongoing investigation.



  • thipe.kholofelo.9 - 2013-02-03 21:15

    it is unfair y he is nt yet arrested,it seems like jail is 4 us the poor ppl,shame on u department of justice.

      nodumo.manzini - 2013-02-03 23:05

      Investigation still on,imagine they arrest the person only to find out that granny was the one who was wrong jail is not a child's play let's arrest when we have facts

      peppermentze - 2013-02-03 23:26

      "he singer took the ...woman to ...Hospital HERSELF.... ". in other words - female artist.

      susan.paul.330 - 2013-02-04 08:48

      News 24, don't tell us the story if you cannot name and shame the person,

  • Azwihangwisi - 2013-02-03 21:34

    why she's not arrested? Remember this dpt of justice: no 1 is above the law! What message R u sending to the nation.

      nick.joubert.3 - 2013-02-03 21:48

      She will only be arrested if she is a flight risk. She has not been charged yet, and so the police have no need to arrest her yet. Once the charge has been laid, then the police can arrest. Otherwise without just cause, it will be an unlawful arrest.

      flysouth - 2013-02-04 08:29

      It is the standard practice of the SAPS to immediately lay a charge of manslaughter in all such cases - why not this one? That charge opens a docket and an investigation. Often the charge is later dropped if no evidence is found to support manslaughter. But as usual we are seeing the 'special' treatment to any who are known and black, just the ANC way!

  • Edison Nyamayaro - 2013-02-03 21:49

    who is the singer , info please SOWETO

  • sakhile.makhathini.7 - 2013-02-03 21:51

    U cannot just arrest a person. U need to have evidence that she was at fault, maybe for speeding, bad driving, not obeying a pedestrian crossing, driving under influence etc. That's how wrongful arrest occur when ppl pressure police to make arrest regardless of whether there is evidence of wrongdoing or not. We don't want this person whoever is she to sue for wrongful arrest and end up paying her millions for wrongful arrest. Let the law take its course

  • Kwena Seema - 2013-02-03 21:59

    where would i have been if i was the one who crashed her with my velociti

      Zaba - 2013-02-04 05:08

      25years in jail no doubt

  • lala.kunene - 2013-02-03 23:23

    was high maybe?

  • Khomotso D Maake - 2013-02-04 00:05

    for God's sake, read other sunday publications and u won't be asking for her name or why she took the victim to hospital. Not her fault if the info in a certain sunday publication is anything to go by, brainless intellectuals!

  • precious.yumyum - 2013-02-04 00:21

    Why the special treatment?

  • Cpho Addwin Featherbird - 2013-02-04 05:45

    What a shame fr judith sephuma:(

  • Sthembile Goba - 2013-02-04 05:53

    Geez Andre your life is sooo perfect that you will neva experience this unfortunate accident? her priority @ dt time was to save a life dt why she took her to hospital. she is a good person n not a druggy like some ada celebrities give her a brake

  • Sphiwe - 2013-02-04 07:40

    She killed her and She was drunk after she gave those two police officers some envelope, why they let her rush the old bleeding woman to hospital ? Or she was driving ambulance

  • motleleng - 2013-02-04 08:07

    One of the Sunday's newspaper ran the story yesterday, //Warrant Officer Kay Makhubela told News24 on Sunday night that the artist could, at this stage, not be named//, its Judith Sephuma....

  • musamuskid - 2013-02-04 08:38

    Judith Sephuma

  • ntombizanelepamela.msibi - 2013-02-04 12:28

    Singer's fatal crash investigated 2013-02-03 21:03 by Wallace du Plessis, kindly do research next time before reporting. The Sunday World on its front page had Judith Sephuma so the whole nation as of yesterday knew it was Ms Sephuma. I feel for her and especially the family of the old lady. @Nodumo Manzini how is it that the old lady could be wrong? FYI the old lady is death. Drivers need to be cautious on the road.

  • linda.hartman.9231 - 2013-02-04 12:29

    Singer's name is mentioned on another news website - Judith Sephuma

  • jackie.m.dickson - 2013-02-06 08:31

    this is a non story if ever there was. We already read about what happened. That she took the lady to hospital. That the pedestrian later died. That we are waiting to see if she will be charged. NEWS24 is this a space filler?

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