Swiegers remarks are 'homophobic'

2011-09-16 13:51
Kobus Pretorius
Cape Town – The director of Mr Gay South Africa - who's also a practicing lawyer in Pretoria - has voiced his opposition to the statements made by singer André Swiegers on his Facebook page.

Swiegers' post read: "If someone is gay, I accept it. It remains weird that some gay men swing their asses when they walk (sometimes looks as if they're clenching a credit card between their buttocks).

"It's usually also that group who puts on a show with their hands while speaking with affected voices. Don't understand it; most refined women don't even speak like that. There are very few things as irritating as people who put up a show."

Kukkuk wrote on his Facebook page on Thursday: "He (Swiegers) does not occupy any position from which he can be fired; he is using these remarks to draw attention to his so-called singing career; knowing full well that it would elicit reaction. It is reprehensible."

According to Kukkuk Swiegers' "derogatory remarks on Facebook are homo and transphopic".


"It shows that he is ignorant of the politics of sexual orientation, and especially of gender identity. The fact is that thousands of transgender people simply cannot help that they are the way they are and/or with which gender roles they identify.

"Swiegers is worsening the situation by not repudiating or removing the extremely homophobic - and bordering on hate speech - remarks made by his followers after he posted his own. He calls out a gay debate, yet he blocks any person, including this writer, that differs from him. Thus, it is not a debate at all."

In a poll on Afrikaans news site Nuus24, 47% of people (784 votes) said that Swiegers can keep his opinion to himself.

Altogether 35% (576 votes) said that Swiegers has hit the nail on the head with his remarks.

The remaining 18% voted for "what ever happened to freedom of speech?".


  • Badballie - 2011-09-16 14:26

    In the word of the ANCYL ...... you can't censor ideas or beliefs ou pal, irrespective of any laws you try to impose the bottom line is that thoughts and beliefs will never be censored and no-one has the right to tell anyone else what to say or think.

  • buzz - 2011-09-16 15:17

    Freedom of speech? There is absolutely nothing hateful about what he says. Accept it gay people, that straight people find mincing to be - in a word - pathetic. Why should I change that opinion, and why should i keep quiet about it - its not hateful, its opinion. Now mince off!

  • Orcanda - 2011-09-16 15:44

    Funny enough most of the people who make the biggest noise about it was the Media and straight people, most gays thought its hillarious.

  • pawsaw - 2011-09-16 18:58

    Is the lawyer implying that gay people who mince and are limpwristed are actually doing what comes naturally to them? Are they unable to walk as most straight men do and not use the effeminate gestures and speech patterns they affect because it is inherent and they fall into a different subgroup of sexually different people? Not all gay or transgender people affect this type of exhibitionist behaviour and I am curious as to whether it is deliberate in your face affected behaviour or completely unaffected and they are unable to control it or change it so that they do not become objects of derision and hate acts. One seldom sees real women behaving in such an effete showy way unless they are inebriated or deliberately taking the mickey. One's voice and speech are what they are I would imagine but given the homophobic people in society why overdramatise and draw attention of a negative variety or ridicule to yourself? I have a gay son myself and while he may behave like this when with his friends in a private venue, he is as manly as his brothers in public except of course he has "boy" friends rather than serious girl friend relationships. Girls adore him but he can't give them what they seek for whatever reason nor they him. I am proud of him for living his truth and not what society says he has to. He is totally happy in his own skin and has friends in all age groups who know his stand and doesn't feel the need to be in your face

  • MissUppity - 2011-09-19 08:28

    whats wrong with mincing ? or using ones hands when talking ? really Swiegers, are you not putting on a performance by being a performer yourself?

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