Blogger visits thousands of film locations to recreate movie stills and we’re obsessed

2018-11-16 17:07
Blogger visits filming locations recreates movie s

A travel blogger has visited more than 1 000 locations to recreate movie stills - and it’s pretty epic! 

Andrea David (40), from Hamburg, Germany, travels to famous filming locations around the world and combines fantasy with reality by lining up a movie still with its real-life background.

The incredible images include Harry Potter pictured in front of Hogwarts’ Alnwick Castle, Home Alone’s Kevin in New York and characters from The Hangover sitting on steps in Bangkok, Thailand.

Andrea, who’s always been a movie buff, started doing this in 2004. 

She studied tourism management in Munich and when it was time to write her thesis, she decided to focus on film’s influence on where people choose to travel.

In 2004 she started travelling to film locations for research purposes, but she loved it so much that she continued travelling when her thesis was complete.

“I always carried some printed pictures of the filming scenes with me,” Andrea said.

“Once in Cambodia at a Lara Croft: Tomb Raider location I thought it would be fun to try to align the image with its real background.

“I love this type of photography because it makes these stories visible for everybody; it’s like a window into fiction.”

And just like that, she went from being just another film fanatic, to combining her love of travel with her passion for movies – and made us all insanely jealous.

Andrea hasn’t counted how many places she’s travelled to so far, but her photo archive suggests more than 1 000 filming locations.

She’s found some iconic real-life scenes from episodes of The Simpsons, bringing Homer Simpson perfectly to life.

One snap shows her posing on a bridge in Atlanta where Andrew Lincoln – aka Rick Grimes – can be seen riding a horse surrounded by cars in The Walking Dead.

It was only in 2007 that she decided to start sharing her experiences and adventures with other interested people.

“A lot of people wrote to me saying how grateful they were to know how to find these places. I often get messages from people saying that they weren’t aware they lived in the area of a filming location.”


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