Did you fall for this April Fools prank?

2016-04-01 11:55

Cape Town – ShowMax teamed up with Channel24 to see if we could trick a few of you into believing that “power bingeing” is now a thing.

In the article titled “New tech speeds up TV shows so you can binge even more!”, ShowMax claimed that they had created new technology that would speed up TV shows with as much as 42% so you can watch even more TV in less time.

They promised that the new tech would not impact the voice or video quality of the shows.

The article stated that "ShowMax has now added a ‘power binge’ play button to all of its apps. In a typical five-hour viewing marathon, this button will allow the viewer to see three additional TV show episodes."

Although it seems like a great idea it was all just part of a sneaky April Fools prank.

“I can confirm that, sadly, we haven’t actually added a ‘Power Binge’ function to ShowMax. The funny thing is that it’s actually true that some of the US networks have been speeding up TV shows, so maybe we’re on to something. To be honest, though, we were just looking for an excuse to resurrect the Rickroll,” said Richard Boorman, head of communication at ShowMax.

Sorry folks!

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