Duchess Meghan gets a nasty new nickname

2019-03-29 16:35
Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle, who’s been dubbed "Duchess Difficult" by some foreign media, apparently has a new nickname.

And Prince Harry will be none too pleased about this getting out!

According Tatler Magazine, some members of the royal staff at Kensington Palace are now starting to call the Duchess of Sussex (37) “Me-Gain”.

Former royal aide Dickie Arbiter has even said the Duke (34) isn’t impressed with the reports.

“He’d be angry that something like this is coming out,” Arbiter said, adding “He’ll be upset, he’ll want to keep his head down and to protect Meghan.”

The meaning of the nickname hasn’t been explained but Meghan has been labelled “difficult to work with”, apparently due to her demanding nature, reports Metro.

Kensington Palace has previously dismissed reports that Meghan has a difficult relationship with some of her staff.

However, since she married Harry last May some key staff members have quit or announced their imminent departure.

Before the wedding Harry hit back at the media for the “abuse and harassment” of Meghan.

The prince even released a statement saying he was worried about Meghan’s safety after a spate of harassment.

Sources: Tatler Magazine, Metro, Fox News


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