Family prays for Thandy Matlaila to have a baby

2018-06-26 09:43

BUBBLY actress, Thandy Matlaila, is turning 30 years old and while the star is enjoying life as a single lady and is in no rush to bring life into this world, her spiritual and biological mothers are not having any of this, with both of them praying for her to get a man and have kids.


It seems turning 30 years old is coming with expectations from those around The Queen actress.  They want her to start a family. “There's pressure to achieve certain things. Everyone is making a big deal out of me turning 30, but I feel that it’s just a year added to my life,” she says. Thandy’s spiritual and immediate families constantly hold prayer sessions, praying for her to have kids as they are scared she might end up not having any kids at all, but she says her decision not to have kids now is misunderstood. “It’s not that I don’t want kids. I do want to have kids of my own but after I get married. I don’t believe in having kids out of wedlock,” she explains. The star understands where her family is coming from and has been trying her luck in love. But she says she doesn't understand the modern way of dating. Thandy says she finds men to be very broken, insecure and used to being used by women. “Men have become used to dating dependent women. They are insecure to date a strong independent woman who wants nothing but love and affection. They think we are all after their money and can't accept our love,” she says.


Thandy admits that one of the reasons she’s still single is because she keeps comparing every man she meets with her ex-boyfriend, Tshepo Khoza, whom she dated for nine years.  “I met Tshepo when I was a teenager. I keep searching for his qualities in a man. I know I need to lower my standards if I want to find a man,” she says. The God-fearing woman was raised in a strong family where marriage is an aspiration and holding onto those principles saw the end of her relationship with Tshepo. She says things changed when they got older; she wanted marriage, but Tshepo wanted to have kids first. “He wanted to have kids, but was not ready for marriage.” 


Thandy, who holds a music and film qualification, has been running a successful public relations company for the past six years. But she says acting is her first love and she got into business for stability. “I have been in the industry for 12 years. Over the years, I’ve grown to understand that the industry is not stable and you need to have something to fall back on.” She says remaining true to herself has helped her remain relevant. Thandy is also involved with a project called Wesley Guild Blanket Drive, which collects blankets and donates them to the needy.

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