Internet ridicules Baby Jesus

2016-10-23 18:00

Cape Town - The restored statue of baby Jesus and his mother has left churchgoers scratching their heads, but has unsurprisingly delighted internet viewers.

Since as early as the second century AD, artists, painters and sculptors have laboured and toiled away, creating and perfecting religious works of art.

As a result some of the most famous masterpieces have been inspired by religion such as the Last Supper or the Creation of Adam.

Sadly, not joining this illustrious list is Canadian artist Heather Wise’s well-meant attempt at restoring a statue of baby Jesus.

Instead of baring even the tiniest resemblance to Jesus, the finished product has been likened to a decidedly unreligious cross between Lisa Simpson and a tanned Donald Trump.

During a walk around the grounds of St Anne des Pins church in Sudbury, northern Ontario, Wise noticed the head was missing on a white stone statue of the infant Jesus and his mother Mary.

Saddened to learn what cruel vandals had done in removing the head, she offered her services voluntarily to restore the artwork, and described it as the “honour of [her] entire art career”.

With considerable diplomacy, Father Gerard Lajeunesse, who accepted her offer, said the result had left parishioners disappointed.

“It really is shocking to the eyes because of the big contrast in colour,” the priest said, adding tactfully: “It’s a first try.” – Mirror

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