AS IT HAPPENED: Gareth Cliff is excited to return to Idols SA

2016-01-30 10:11

Gareth Cliff says he’s excited to return to Idols SA and is ready to let bygones be bygones.


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30 Jan 13:06


* Gareth Cliff thanked his team at CliffCentral and his legal team as well as people on social media for their support over the last few weeks.

* He said it’s been a difficult month since Penny Sparrow first posted her horrible, disgusting racist posts.

* He is excited to return to Idols SA as a judge and really loves the show. He is waiting for Idols SA producers to contact him with flight details, etc.

* He is excited to see his fellow judges, who are like family to him. He knows there won’t be any awkwardness.

* He says that if the ANCYL protest at Idols SA auditions they stand in the way of young South Africans achieving their dreams.

Watch video here:

30 Jan 12:33

That's a wrap from the Gareth Cliff conference.

30 Jan 12:33

If Gareth had R25m in his bank (which he doesn’t have) he would make a confirmation to causes in this country.

30 Jan 12:32

Loyiso Bala is here.  Loyiso asking a question. Where do you feel you were right and where did you feel wrong with your tweet?Gareth answers: We never have the right to cause people pain. We don’t understand freedom of expression. Including me.

30 Jan 12:29

Gareth Cliff says we are all responsible for change.

30 Jan 12:27

Gareth Cliff says he doesn't hold a grudge against M-Net or parent companies.

30 Jan 12:26

Gareth Cliff answering questions from his own team.

30 Jan 12:24

Q: Has this whole event made you realise you have some racial prejudice?

All have to confront things about us which makes us a little uncomfortable. I think we all have to evaluate and we all have to sit down and decide what our own constitution is.Have to figure out what you really care about and what is really important.

Whether black or white we need to abandon some of these negatives. We should be able to sit in front of mirror and realise things we say to ourselves or other people to need improve. Don't be afraid to say things but consider the person you saying it to.

30 Jan 12:21

The rest of the court case: All depends on the hand of friendship extended to M-Net. If they do the same we’ll reconsider the case.

30 Jan 12:19

The controversy has seen more people tuning into CliffCentral. Gareth thinks the same would happen for this season of Idols.

30 Jan 12:18

The past few weeks have been difficult and unpleasant. It's not about getting back on TV or the R25m. It's about the country and standing up and defending what's right.

30 Jan 12:17

There's no hidden part of my personality. I'm on air every day. You know who I am. I'm proud of and the team here.

30 Jan 12:17

Here in SA we have reached a record number of seasons of Idols. It's also been a very controversial show. Every time someone voted out its controversial. It gets very heated.

30 Jan 12:15

I enjoy being an Idols judge for the same reason you enjoy watching it. It's a microscope on the hidden talents of SA.

30 Jan 12:14

We’ll move ahead with positivity.

30 Jan 12:13

Gareth doing a Q&A with the media.

30 Jan 12:12

Extending a hand of friendship to M-Net.

30 Jan 12:12

For now there will be no further legal steps.

30 Jan 12:11

Don't see M-Net giving Gareth a week notice. M-Net has accepted the court's ruling. If they do decide to give Cliff a week's notice he'll take the matter to court again.

30 Jan 12:10

On ANCYL protesting Idols auditions: Not getting political. It would be wrong of them to stand in the way of young people with talent who want to be on the show. That would be destructive.

30 Jan 12:08

Garteh says the Idols judges are like family. They've worked closely over the last few years. They are all very close and are friends. There won't be any awkwardness at all.

30 Jan 12:07

Gareth is waiting for his plane ticket. The producers will contact him soon.

30 Jan 12:07

That's the end of Gareth's statement. He's now taking questions.

30 Jan 12:05

Where to next? Regards to Idols. The show must go on.

30 Jan 12:04

Gareth Cliff speaking to the media.

30 Jan 12:04

Gareth wants to clear up: I did not drag Unathi and Somizi into this. It was M-Net, in a statement to the media, that dragged them into this.

30 Jan 12:03

The debate on racism must continue.

30 Jan 12:02

"The show must go on. Hope we learned something from this. It has been a difficult month for us since that horrible, stupid statement that Penny Sparrow made."

30 Jan 12:01

"I hope M-Net will one day admit their mistakes like I have mine."

30 Jan 12:01

Gareth is worried that M-Net still insists that they did nothing wrong.

30 Jan 12:00

Thanking the people that stood up for him the last few days.

30 Jan 11:59

Gareth thanks his team at CliffCentral and his legal team. He is also thanking people on social media who have supported him the last few days.

30 Jan 11:58

The press conference is about to start.

30 Jan 11:47

Gareth Cliff walking around, laughing, talking to journalists. His parents are also here to support him.

30 Jan 11:45

Gareth Cliff spotted at the entrance. All smiles.

30 Jan 11:32

There's Krispy Kreme for the media. :)

30 Jan 11:31

The scene is set for the Gareth Cliff press conference.

30 Jan 11:30

The conference is set to start at 12:00.

30 Jan 11:28

We're at CliffCentral for Gareth Cliff press conference.

30 Jan 10:11
Media personality Gareth Cliff will brief the press in Johannesburg on Saturday at 12:00 from the CliffCentral headquarters in Johannesburg.

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