As it happened: Mandoza Memorial: 'His life was bigger than music'

2016-09-21 11:49

Family and fans are saying good bye to kwaito star Mandoza at the Ellis Park Arena in Johannesburg. Mandoza died on Sunday after losing his battle with cancer at the age of 38. The musician was diagnosed with a brain tumour last May.


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21 Sep 15:17

The extended family and VIPs leave the venue.

More artists will perform now.

21 Sep 15:17

Funeral arrangements:

The funeral starts at 08:00 and the buses will leave for the cemetery at 11:00.

There will be a park-and-ride service from Grace Bible Church in Soweto to Westpark Cemetery

21 Sep 15:15

Mpho is comforted by family and friends while Danny K sings.

21 Sep 15:09

Danny K is going to sing, bringing the official programme to an end.

21 Sep 15:08

Mthethwa ends with a poem and says: The nation salutes you.

21 Sep 15:08

21 Sep 15:07

Mthethwa says media was in contact with music industry leaders before the SABC concert to ask if Mandoza was still alive. That is not in the spirit of ubuntu, he says. 

21 Sep 15:05

"To the Tshabalala family as much as we're all mourning we cannot grasp, all of us, the death of your grief as a family."

The whole nation shares your grief, Mthethwa adds.

21 Sep 15:05

Mandoza encouraged youth to do better with their lives and strive to be the best.

21 Sep 15:04

Mandoza's life was bigger than music, Mthethwa says. 

21 Sep 15:02

21 Sep 15:01

Rowdy people removed from the stands.

21 Sep 14:57

He says Ma Brrr probably welcomed Mandoza and Lebo Mathose was probably the DJ.

21 Sep 14:55

"This was a brave lion. He looked death in the eye and said "iyahlanya le cancer", City Press reports.

21 Sep 14:54

He says he spoke to Mandoza two weeks ago and did not expect to be here today to talk about him in the past tense.

21 Sep 14:52

Minister Nathi Mthethwa will now deliver the keynote address.

21 Sep 14:51

21 Sep 14:49

A fan gets rowdy in the stands. People are calling for those making a noise to be removed.

21 Sep 14:46

Tony Goroge from CCIFSA is next. 

He says Mandoza taught him itwalatsa.

21 Sep 14:43

Romeo Qetsimani from Samic is next. 

Mandoza is our legend, he says.

21 Sep 14:41

He says we heard of Mandoza's death on social media long before he died. He says government must create laws to control social media. 

21 Sep 14:39

He asks the media to be Africans for once. "You are killing our craft."

21 Sep 14:39

Thobela Dlamini is next. He is from the Recording Industry of South Africa. 

He asks for applause for Arthur Mafokate. He says it pains him that Arthur does not get the recognition he deserves.

21 Sep 14:36
Make Mandoza the face of social cohesion in this country, he asks.

21 Sep 14:34
Mandla Maseko from Airco is next.

21 Sep 14:33
First speaker praises the SABC's policy of 90% local music. Wants to make it the law. 

21 Sep 14:31
Next up are speakers from the music industry.

21 Sep 14:29
MC asks people to take their seats again.

21 Sep 14:28
Buti Mosia singing. Crowd joins in.

21 Sep 14:25

21 Sep 14:25
Mandoza didn't take life too seriously. He enjoyed the small people, Eaton says.

21 Sep 14:22
Eaton is overcome with emotion and tries to compose himself before continuing.

21 Sep 14:21
Vaughn Eaton is up next. He worked with Mandoza as his manager for ten years.

21 Sep 14:16
Brickz thanks Mapaputsi and calls him up on stage. Also asks other "soldiers" to come up.

21 Sep 14:14
Brickz is on stage.

21 Sep 14:13

21 Sep 14:10
I saw the performance last week, maybe he was saying goodbye, he says, referring to the SABC concert.

21 Sep 14:07
I know he is happy and at peace now, Tshabalala says.

21 Sep 14:06

21 Sep 14:05
Another close friend, Tokollo Tshabalala is next. 

21 Sep 14:04

21 Sep 14:03

21 Sep 14:02
Gugu Nyandeni, a close family friend, now speaking.

21 Sep 14:01

Microphone taken over by member of the audience. 

MC finally gets it back.

21 Sep 13:59

21 Sep 13:59

21 Sep 13:58

Le Roux talks about how Nkalakatha was born. He says it was divine intervention.

Pressure was on and they needed a bigger hit than his previous.  

"Mandoza came down to Cape Town. He was really hungry. He was always hungry!"

Mandoza did not have a cellphone then, Le Roux's phone rang and it was someone calling to say Mandoza's first child was born.

Later, they were playing around and Le Roux got chords going. "Mandoza got as excited as when his son was born."

And it was incredible.

21 Sep 13:55
Asks crowd to applaud Mpho, Mandoza's widow. "She was often ahead of him."

21 Sep 13:54
Gabi le Roux's turn to speak. 

21 Sep 13:52
Leeu introduces Gabi Le Roux who was Mandoza's music collaborator.

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