Malinga fired up on love

2016-10-23 06:42

After a 15-year hiatus, legendary producer and singer Robbie Malinga has released his fourth album, titled The Duets, featuring some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

What can fans expect to hear? “Nothing but fire!” says Malinga.

“We took our time working on this album and the sound is on another level.”

True to the album’s title, the romantic theme is expressed via collaborations by Malinga with male and female artists such as Kelly Khumalo, Karabo, Naima Kay, Zahara, as well as Fiso and Ntando.

Malinga admits to City Press that working on the new album was challenging, especially after he set the bar so high with the last hit album he produced.

He is at pains to express that, when working on a new project, he does not pressurise himself to come up with a chart topper.

“I just do my best in the studio,” he says.

His favourite song on the new release is Baby Please, which he recorded with Khumalo.

“It has been amazing working with Kelly. We are approaching a decade-long working relationship and whenever I work with her in the studio, she never disappoints,” he says.

All 12 tracks on the album are originals.

Malinga says he is open to working with “whoever wants to work with me”.

Asked why he always sings about love and romance, he says:

“We live in difficult times, and we need songs that will encourage and inspire people to love each other.

"These days, when you switch on your television, the first thing you see is either people protesting over service delivery or news of a child having been raped. This is so sad,” he explains.

And this motivates Malinga to sing and spread the love among his fans. “I am a loving guy; I want to spread good vibes through my music. My music talks to your soul.”

What is the secret to his success?

“I humble myself and always want to do something fresh. I respect people.

“I am the number one producer in the country, but I do not let that go to my head,” he says.

“Always be respectful and know that you are not alone. Be positive on the inside.”

When Malinga is not being a creative whiz in the studio, he enjoys spending quality time with his son. “I am very close to my son and we are big supporters of Orlando Pirates.”

His motto in life is: “You’re only as good as your last album.”

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