Rapper Emtee addresses the night of the fall and is getting professional help

2018-09-13 10:48

Emtee got social media talking when he fell on stage during his performance at an event in Limpopo, in July. The rapper has come out to say that he is getting professional help to help him in alcohol detoxing. Emtee spoke to Metro FM that he didn’t have a drinking and drug problem but was still getting counseling.

The rapper still stands his ground that he wasn’t intoxicated when he fell but it was the overwhelming love that he was getting from his fans. “I was overwhelmed. There was just a lot of love in the place. A lot of people were pulling me from backstage and for me, it was a little bit confusing because I had just woken up from a long drive from Johannesburg to Limpopo. I think I was just overwhelmed and tired and immediately I’m jumping on stage and a lot of things are confusing me,” Emtee says.

Emtee says that the fall on the said night made him realize that he was actually very busy. “I was anticipating something like that to happen somewhere in my career. I am busy. That moment right there proved to me that I am busy. I was a bit ignorant to exhaustion. There were times where I wouldn’t sleep at all I would go two nights in the studio, just going in you know,” he said.

Emtee mentions that his problem may be that he is too open about the things that he does so people expect such behavior from him. “I think this comes from me being a free spirit and being open about the things that I do, like smoking and a lot of the other stuff I do, that I took pride in. Because it came with what I do and I think that’s where a lot of assumptions come from. I think it was my mistake for talking about all the things I do,” he says.

 “I don’t really have a problem; I was just unlucky on the night.  Johanne, who is a professional counselor, is one of the people that have helped me through my detoxing; it was someone that I spoke to about my feelings, about my opinions at a moment where nobody wanted to believe what I had to say. He was one of the people who were there to listen," Emtee says.

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