Soapie teasers: 15 February 2019

2019-02-15 09:39

7de Laan

Justin seeks Alexa's medical opinion. Aggie tells Bonita why she accepted the Valentine’s Day project.

Days of our Lives

Steve and Kayla take Ava to the hospital for a blood test, which surprisingly reveals she does have leukemia. Chad and Belle discuss his lawsuit against the D.A.'s office. Philip asks Justin if he thinks Victor has the stamina to deal with the new way Philip wants to run Titan.                                                                                       


Zondiwe wants revenge for the money she lost out on. Sphe realises her nightmare might be far from over. Cosmo and Mrekza are disgusted when their man-cave is desecrated.

Imbewu: The Seed

Maharaj orders Phunyuka to nab Shria. KaMadonsela worries about Khanyo. Sipho is at Emsamo. Zithulele shoots down Mnyamane’s pursuit of Futhi.


Lillian's life is on the line, forcing Beauty into a difficult position. Still battling with his own demons, Mpiyakhe’s investigation of Ngwebedla leads to another dead end. Ntwenhle gives Busi a piece of her mind.


While Gabriel ties himself in knots, Lincoln hires a menace to spy on him. Hendrik lands himself in a surreal position. Makgorometsa's date takes an unexpected turn.


Is it the end of the road for Shumi? Moliehi gets a taste of her own medicine. Vho-Mukondeleli relives her youth.

Rhythm City

Gail is forced to give David an alibi. Dumi follows Sabelo to the scene of the heist. Mampho discovers Joe was lying all along.


One friend is having her eyes opened to something sordid, but the other doesn't see things the same way. 

Skeem Saam

Bushang unwittingly sabotages Alfred. Lehasa is horrified by what he finds out about Lelo. More burden is added on top of Kwaito’s shoulders.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Brooke and Ridge enjoy a romantic breakfast in bed. Ridge happily shares with Brooke that he took the liberty of drafting annulment papers and that Carter is currently serving them to Bill. Carter senses Maya’s distraction and asks her if she revealed to Rick that he confessed his feelings to her. Rick and Thorne discuss Ridge and Quinn’s betrayal of him to Eric and confess that they don’t think Ridge is worthy of Brooke. They continue by asking him to allow them to step up at Forrester Creations instead of Ridge, essentially ousting him from the company. Bill surprises Carter and Justin with his reaction to the annulment papers

The Queen

Tit for Tat

Mmabatho gives Shaka a tough ultimatum. Goodness refuses a bribe and comes up with terms of her own.


The church holds a thanksgiving service for Sibonelo and Qhabanga welcomes Sibonelo. Is Qhabanga sincere when he prays for Sibonelo or is he just putting on a show for the public?


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