Survivor SA’s Felix and being voted out: ‘Being blindsided and lied to isn’t the greatest feeling the world’

2019-06-20 14:52
Felix Godla

He was the fifth castaway to be voted off Survivor SA: Island of Secrets last week and Felix Godlo (29) says he wouldn’t have changed a thing about how he played the game.

“I don’t wish I could’ve played differently,” Felix tells YOU. “My first priority was to preserve the tribe and to win as a tribe, so I think I’d play the same way. I’d have just hoped that my tribe saw it that way.”

The exit from the show of the sales consultant from Garsfontein in Pretoria came in the form of a blindside after his Laumei tribe members concocted a plan to have him leave the island.

In last week’s episode, viewers saw Felix get into a heated exchange with fellow tribe member, Jacques Burger (29) who works as an industrial engineer in Queenswood, Pretoria, when Jacques couldn’t figure out how to put a puzzle together during their last immunity challenge.

Felix’s impatience and lack of team spirit shown at the time ultimately led to the blindside, and cost him the game.

“Being blindsided and lied to isn’t the greatest feeling in the world.

“I really didn’t see it coming and only realised that it could be me after the castaways’ responses to [host] Nico [during tribal council].

“However, I don’t see how else the tribe could have done it with the least amount of risk. So, well done to the tribe. It was a good move,” he says.

He may not have anticipated leaving the game so early and was looking forward to that R1 million prize money, but for Felix being back home with his wife, Cherise (31), and their son, Kaiden (eight months), is a win of its own.

“The best part of being home was being with my A-team, my wife and son,” he gushes.

Felix and Cherise met at Hoërskool Akasia in 2005.

Cherise plucked up the courage to speak to Felix and the two exchanged details and started chatting before Felix eventually asked her out.

But Cherise comes from a conservative white Afrikaans background and dating a black guy would’ve been frowned upon, especially where they lived in Pretoria.

So, when he initially asked her out, she’d said no.

Felix received a rugby scholarship to Jeppe High School for Boys and, as the age-old saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Cherise asked him to ask her out again and this time she said yes.

Because of the racial tension that came with them being a couple, it was difficult for them to be affectionate in public, and after school they decided to relocate to East London in the Eastern Cape in 2013.

A year later the pair tied the knot and returned to Pretoria the same year. After struggling to fall pregnant and having an unsuccessful attempt at IVF, their son Kaiden was conceived naturally and was born last year. He was four months old just before Felix left for Samoa.

But now that he’s back in the comfort of his home with his family, enjoying good food and a warm bed – a far cry from his experience in Samoaé Felix revealed what he’ll miss the most about the island.

“Nothing,” he jokes. “I’m going to miss the beautiful views and bright starry skies at night.”

Although his journey on the series didn’t end how he would’ve liked, he still advises the Survivor experience for anyone who’s keen on entering.

“If you like adventure, people and you’re not a quitter, then Survivor is the perfect challenge. It will allow you to push yourself to the limit and learn a little bit more about yourself,” he adds.

And as far as his votes go, now that he’s a viewer like the rest of us, Felix will be rooting for Dante de Villiers (31), a coffee shop owner form Dwarskersbos on the Cape West Coast, to win.

“I got along with him on the island. I hope he goes all the way!”

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