The fragility of humanity

2016-11-13 06:00

Cape Town - Acclaimed South African artist Faith47 – who does studio work, but is most loved for her street art – has an ongoing project called 7.83Hz, which sees her add to public art in tucked away and abandoned places.

The title refers to “the background frequency of our planet – the ‘Schumann Resonance’ – a steady pulse of 7.83Hz which beats around the planet within the earth cavity. ”The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or Nasa, says it’s “related to electrical activity in the atmosphere, particularly during times of intense lightning activity.”

Faith47’s work looks at the fragile humanity that connects us all. The artist says on her website: “Relationships rise and fall; societies blossom and crumble... The profound connectedness between us creates and destroys life. We are sensitive and caring, yet at the same time vulnerable and cruel. The foundation of the 7.83Hz project is recognising this duality as well as the profound weight of our interconnectedness.”

The result is beautiful work in various locations around the world, which showcase how soft and delicate humanity can be, but also how lonely and isolated. The women depicted are exposed through their nudity while hiding from whoever stumbles upon them as they fold into themselves. Where the artworks are, such as an abandoned church altar, is also very powerful.

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