We chat to Takkies about motherhood

2018-08-13 15:01
Takkies and Sana

Famous choreographer, Nkateko ‘Takkies’ Maswanganye is a proud fit mom has documented her before and after pregnancy journey on social media. Throughout her pregnancy, she was still dancing and keeping in shape. She shares with Move! how being a mom has challenged and changed her for the better.


The first three months of her first pregnancy were hard for her.  Even though she was excited to be a mother and a newly-wed, she was a little anxious because she didn’t know what to expect. “I wasn’t ready for the changes that came with being a mother because I didn’t know what to expect, but I took on each day as it came,” she says.  Setting no limits to what she could do, she didn’t allow herself to not do what she loves and that is dancing. She shocked many when she posted videos dancing at her Rocking ‘N Heels dance classes, nothing had changed, she could dance the way she did even when she was heavily pregnant. “I dance and workout every day and I couldn’t imagine not being able to do that. I had a very positive mindset,” Takkies says.


Being a mother obviously comes with a lot of changes. She was particularly concerned about how her body was changing. From being at her peak in terms of her body goals with perfect abs and toned thighs. She started feeling like she was too fat but she had to remind herself it was just all a process of carrying another human inside of her. She says, “I had to speak to myself most of the time like ‘listen Takkies this is pregnancy, your body is going to change. You are growing a beautiful human inside’. Being pregnant is such an extraordinary experience and I just kept reminding myself about that and that I’m basically super human. I am creating a body in my body which was amazing.”


Being involved with Johnson’s Baby Healthy Skin project has also helped her become a better mother. This is a project that allows Takkies to do what she loves, share exercise routines with mothers and most importantly remind them about the importance of having mommy time too. “It is so important for moms to make time for themselves. It is so easy to get wrapped up in baby, baby, and baby. Is baby ok? I must do this for baby.  And you get to a point where you forget about yourself. Even if you just do the little things like doing your skincare routine or just going to gym for a few minutes. Just taking care of you. I’ve spoken to some moms who have told me that they even forget to wash their hair you know,” Takkies adds.

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