Concert etiquette

2012-12-04 13:56
Last night I saw Lady Gaga perform live in Cape Town.

I've never seen anything like it - from the intricate set and all the props to her costume changes and most of all her incredible voice - this was one of the best value-for-money shows I've seen in South Africa.

So all-round it was a fantastic experience until I found myself trying to move from one side of the field to another.

I encountered drunk girls, vicious tannies and obnoxious gaggles who pushed me, spilled drinks on me, trampled my toes and invaded my personal space in a major way.

Now as a seasoned concertgoer I know this is the deal, so I can forgive a few bruised body parts and the new eau de Brutal Fruit emanating from my hair.

It's the vitriol that accompanied these acts that really gets my G.O.A.T.

Trying to move in between the crowd resulted in frightening death stares, people blatantly preventing me from passing and accusing me of stealing their place that they've clung to since 2pm like I was a witch snatching their first-born.

So much anger and mean-spirited behaviour from people who have ALL paid a lot of money to experience something they love with other fans.

It flies in the face of fandom; trying to single yourself out.

You're just one of 55 000 people and with the exception of the Monster Pit, from her viewpoint, you're just another pair of hands in a sea of skin and pink wigs.

So let's all dial back the crazy just a bit, shall we?

This fan did not get the memo. However, she does have a great voice. Watch her great, if over-zealous duet with Lady Gaga.

So I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to bypass the vitriol and bodily harm come 8 May 2013, when I'll finally get to see Justin Bieber live.

Y'all know I'm a Belieber and even though I'll probably be losing my mind and my voice that night, I would never lose my cool with any of the fans there. It's just not my style.

What's your experience been like at big stadium concerts? Do you queue for hours and keep your place right in front of the stage, or are you a roamer? Write to us and you could be published. Also tell us any pet peeves you might have with other, ill-behaved concertgoers.

Overall, we're still just totally overjoyed that international artists are finally taking note of SA as more than just a holiday destination.

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