If you're going to poke fun, own up to it

2012-10-23 14:01
It may not be very nice, but when done cleverly and tastefully, making fun of others can be very entertaining.

Nando's has quite the reputation for taking the mickey out of a situation and turning it into a clever ad campaign. Occassionally they come under fire for their cheeky lines, but they always take responsibility for what they put out in the media. Check out their latest print ad as well as our Top 5 Nando's TV ads for a good laugh.

However, sometimes the joke goes too far. 

See exhibit A: Die Antwoord's new video for their track Fatty Boom Boom. Watch the video here.

The video pokes fun at Lady Gaga and the news that Die Antwoord turned down her request to have them open for her on tour. Everyone and their dog has poked fun at Lady Gaga and her meat dress, so no worries there.

Yo-Landi in blackface is what worries me. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

What perturbs me even more is her rationalisation of it.

Theunis Engelbrecht interviewed Die Antwoord for Die Burger and asked Yo-Landi for her response to criticism that the decision to appear in blackface is racist.

"We don't even know what blackface is."

Really? That's what you're going with? I don't believe it for a second.

Die Antwoord have referenced some serious intellectual art from the likes of Jane Alexander and Anton Kannemeyer in their previous videos - they're smart.  There's no doubt about it. They know how to capture the attention of the world. So I find it difficult to believe that Yo-Landi's black-painted skin wasn't a reference to the theatrical makeup used to create caricatures of black people.

I agree with Theunis to a degree when he says: "I don't think they did the blackface thing because they're racist, because they definitely are not. Maybe they just did it to piss on the batteries of the politically correct intellectuals."

Sure - I don't think they're racist. I just think they realise they took their satire too far and now they're copping out by playing dumb. If they did it to shock PC South Africans, they should take a page out of Nando's book and admit to it. 

What's your take? Is everyone being too sensitive or are Die Antwoord treading on dangerous ground with their latest video (even though they're most comfortable there)? E-mail your thoughts to feedback@channel24.co.za and you could be published.

Here's to more questions and more honest answers,

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