When Afrikaans music videos go (very) wrong

2013-04-23 13:21
As a member of the Facebook group Maggies, maar dié video suig (loosely translated as "Oh my, but this video sucks") I've been exposed to the worst Afrikaans, and sometimes English, music videos ever, so I decided to venture into the weird and wacky world of Afrikaans music videos… And this led me to ask the following questions of this uniquely South African phenomenon: Why, Where, When and What (TF)?

WHY do most Afrikaans videos suck so bad? WHERE do these people come from? WHEN do they make these pieces of… uhm art? And last, but not least, WHAT (THE FRACK)?

To answer these questions I decided to highlight The 5 Worst Afrikaans Music Videos. And I'm not saying that these are the ultimate worst videos ever, because believe me, this well will never run dry. (We've already received a very long list from readers, which we will share with you all soon!) And I didn't to this to name and shame anyone. It was just a matter of recognising a very bad trend in the current Afrikaans music scene and pointing it out to those who might be out of the loop.

This brings me back to my investigation. I think the WHY can be answered as follows: It seems like any person that owns some sort of video recording device, and this may even be a cellphone, believes that he/she can shoot a video these days.

And why not, you might ask? Because let's face it, every person who owns an iPhone today has shot some sort of homemade video. But, and there is a but… at least these hipsters don't claim that their homemade videos are professional and ready for public exposure. Get my drift?

Secondly, the answer to my WHERE question is quite simple: Whoever you are, just stop being 'nice' for bit, buck up and just tell your friend/family member/acquaintance that he/she sucks.

Having given the questions WHEN and WHAT some thought… I came up with absolutely nothing. Zip. Zero. So I decided to get my answers from our users, and these are some of their comments on our LOL-worthy list:

Mallory said: "I've been scarred and traumatised for life. What the?? I don't know what is worse, that these "artists" make this crap or that people actually buy and enjoy it."

Julie Koekemoer said: "That's it! Thanks to Hannes I will be checking under my bed tonight...and forever."

Bearpup said: "I can't. I just can't...it's like i am in hell and someone is scratching a blackboard with their false nails....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhh!"

Antionette Jordaan said: "...and suddenly i feel the overwhelming urge to only speak English..."

Terry Ferreira on Dirk van der Westhuizen's very strange Supercool (Gangnam Style) video: "I beg to differ regarding your comments about ripping off a song like he did ... It's as if everyone is in it for a quick buck, and are either too talentless or lack any creativity to write their own original music and lyrics. It's why many people can't take afrikaans music seriously, cause if you had to be honest, 80% +/- is absolute rubbish."

And these are just a few comments… The saddest part of this whole phenomenon is that despite the bad songs and videos, these people still sell loads of albums and make loads of money and get asked to sign autographs at the KKNK.

What are your thoughts on Afrikaans videos? Have you seen worse? Send us your thoughts and get published!

Like the old saying goes: Money can't buy class...so PLEASE stay classy South Africa!


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