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Ra ra dra-ah-ma!!

2013-08-13 13:56
Isn’t it strange how both Lady Gaga and Katy Perry released their two songs on the very same day? And isn’t it strange that both songs are clouded in controversy?

Although Katy’s song is far more catchy than Gaga’s artsy attempt, the internet has gone gaga over Katy’s alleged plagiarism.

Both the melody and the video for her new single, Roar has similarities to works by Sara Bareilles and Dillon Francis.

As if that wasn’t enough DJ Dillon Francis has begun clamouring about the resemblance between Roar's lyric video and his own clip for the track Messages.

But it seems Gaga’s got some trouble brewing as well. Fans are saying the faux-horror movie man voice she uses to sing most of the song is not particularly fun to listen to.

Gaga has also hit out to fans saying that she is using the c-word on her new song.  According to Gaga she is saying "Koons" as in Jeff Koons the pop art artist, an apparent tie to her album title ARTPOP.

The only question that remains is: Are we just too stupid to understand these musical masterpieces or are these music masterpieces actually massive flops?

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