2013-01-08 14:21
We've all got our favourite stars, and we love them in varying measures.

Do I want Ryan Gosling to kiss me in the rain just like in The Notebook? Of course. I'm just a flesh-and-blood woman, you know. Am I going to cut myself until he leaves Eva Mendes? Hell no. Ain't nobody got time for dat.

Bieber fans are cutting themselves because he was photographed smoking (what looked like it could possibly be) weed. This absurd behaviour came to light  on Twitter with the hashtag #cutforbieber. Apparently, they believe their actions will force him to stop using drugs.

Can we just hold up right here for a second, please.

Firstly, check out these photos.

That looks more like a mini cigar than a joint that's just been rolled at a party. Perhaps he's drug-free after all?

But secondly, and most importantly, he's a kid who's going to do dumb stuff. Let him get all his rebellion out of his system now so that he doesn't end up like Lindsay Lohan.

Poor Biebs. Many of his fans are so mental. A few years ago they wanted to kill his on-again/off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez. Now they're harming themselves for attention.

I'm anticipating at least a couple of parents are going to try to sue Justin for their stupid kid's idiotic behaviour.

What bothers me most is the double standard here.

Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes have all been caught doing drugs, and the public just laughs them off as Hollywood trainwrecks.

However, whenever Justin so much as farts out of line, the wave of ridicule and blame hits him all over again, harder than before.

Over it.

How do you feel about it? Have you bought tickets to his SA shows in May and are you considering boycotting because of his alleged drug use?

E-mail us with your thoughts and you could be published.

This one's for the real fans (no cutting tolerated),
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