10 songs that gave us feels on Grey’s Anatomy

2017-12-18 06:00

Cape Town - Watching Grey’s Anatomy is basically an extreme sport. We have lost so many great characters and seen so many emotional scenes that we often feel that we don’t have any more tears left to cry. We have seen breakups, plane crashes, car crashes, gun and bomb attacks, and so much pain – and yet we can’t help but go back to find out what’s happening to Meredith Grey and the rest of the crew at Seattle Grace Hospital.

Any Grey’s fan has to admit that the show’s soundtrack adds an extra twist to the gut. There are some songs that have become synonymous with the most emotional Grey’s scenes, and here we have listed 10 of our favourites. Relive these moments by bingeing on Seasons 1-12 of Grey’s Anatomy on Showmax now.

1. Breathe (2AM) by Anna Nalick

When: Season 2, episode 17

What happened: A patient comes to Seattle Grace with a live bomb inside them. Meredith ends up with her finger on the detonator and must perform a high-risk handoff to a bomb squad officer while remaining calm. It’s a powerful and subtle scene.

2. Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol

When: Season 2, episode 27

What happened: In one of the most memorable scenes of the series, Denny dies from an unforeseen blood clot, about an hour after he proposed to Izzie. And we see Izzie clinging to Denny’s dead body in her prom dress.

3. Keep Breathing – Ingrid Michaelson

When: Season 3, episode 25

What happened: In a scene that showed us the full scope of Sandra Oh’s acting ability, Christina gets left at the altar by Burke, and is standing in her living room afterwards having a meltdown and screaming at Meredith to cut her out of her wedding dress. It’s a poignant scene that will give you shivers.

4. Off I Go – Greg Laswell

When: Season 5, episode 24

What happened: The scene that officially showed us that all bets were off, when Meredith finds out the John Doe that was hit in a bus accident was George just before he dies. The song plays as the group finds out about his death, and we realise that George is truly gone.

5. In My Veins – Andrew Belle

When: Season 6, episode 24

What happened: The entire episode with the rogue shooter in the hospital was extremely emotional, but the scene of Dr Charles Percy, the intern, bleeding out as Dr Bailey and a guest-starring Mandy Moore try to save him has to top the charts for one of the most brutal of the series.

6. The Story – Brandi Carlile

When: Season 7, episode 18

What happened: This song played during the musical episode when Callie is in a coma and Arizona is begging her to wake up. Callie’s spirit witnesses the whole thing happen, and Sara Ramirez’s performance makes everything hit even harder.

7. Feels Like the End – Mikky Eko

When: Season 9, episode 1

What happened: At this point, we should be used to our favourite characters dying, right? No, not right. This song plays as our doctor bae, Mark Sloan aka McSteamy, succumbs to his injuries from the plane crash. And so sees the end of the beautiful Mark/Lexie romance.

8. All I Want – Kodaline

When: Season 9, episode 2

What happened: Just heartbreak after heartbreak, Christina leaves Seattle after the terrible grief of the plane crash, and we hear Meredith leaving her a voicemail as Mark Sloan takes his last breaths.

9. Kiss Me – Ed Sheeran

When: Season 9, episode 10

What happened: As this song plays, Bailey and Ben get married, while we see Richard dealing with the loss of Adele. It’s just one tear after another.

10. You Were Supposed to be Different – Aron Wright

When: Season 11, episode 21

What happened: In probably one of the saddest moments in television history, we see Meredith pulling the plug on Derek, as he succumbs to the injuries of his car accident, as this song plays in the background.

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