20 outstanding Silwerskerm films you need to watch

2017-12-04 06:01

There are so many excellent South African films available at the moment. Opportunities to watch them, however, are harder to find. Enter Showmax, who have made things a lot easier for you by allowing you to stream all the short film winners of the kykNET Silwerskermfees, the annual Afrikaans film festival.

This year, 65 Afrikaans films were showcased and the winners were announced in August. Twenty of them are currently available on Showmax - take your pick from these:

1. Langsaan: Watch now »

Langsaan is a drama that tells the story of a girl that lives in a fantasy life as her parents work for a better future.

Winner of: Best director: Short film – 12 minutes - Harold Holscher

2. Skoon: Watch now »

Skoon is about a man named Louis, an obsessive compulsive oral hygienist, and his quest for love.

Winner of: Best editing: Short film – Johan Prinsloo

3. Die Maan Val Bewusteloos: Watch now »

Die Maan Val Bewusteloos is a fantasy film that tells the story of Mia, a girl who is looking for her family. All she knows is the fairy tales her grandparents told her.

Winner of: Best director: Short film – 24 minutes – Nico Scheepers

4. Soldaat: Watch now »

This drama is about two boys involved in gang warfare who come into contact with a rookie policeman on his first day on a new beat, and how that changes everything.

Winner of: Best script: Short film – 24 minutes - Amy Jephta

Best short film – 24 minutes

5. Slaaf: Watch now »

Slaaf is a drama telling the story of Gregory, who moves to Cape Town and gets involved in the world of drugs.

Winner of: Best actor: Short film - Carel Nel

6. Vossie Vergas Homself: Watch now »

Vossie Vergas Homself is a comedy about a man who is attempting to commit suicide when an interesting Antie appears and has her own plans.

Winner of: Best actress: Short film - June van Merch

7. Ek en Myselfie: Watch now »

A comedy all about the power of the perfect selfie, with Anja and Charmoné using the medium to try to improve their love lives.

8. Venster: Watch now »

Venster is a drama about a six-year-old girl who struggles with her perspective on life after she cannot see her father any longer.

9. Vrekfontein: Watch now »

A comedy about the epic tennis battle between Valk Volschenk and Kroepjan Brand from Vrekfontein.

10. Die Onderspit: Watch now »

This comedy follows Basie as his chance at new life with his love is derailed as a result of greed and drug addiction.

11. Luister: Watch now »

Luister tells the story of a pianist who learns how to break her silence with her music.

12. Vlugtig: Watch now  

Simon wants to join the entertainment industry, but in order to get his big break, he has to adjust to a difficult role.

13. Die Kuur: Watch now »

A man who is contemplating suicide searches for a purpose in life but the line between his dreams and reality become hazy.

14. Skerm: Watch now »

Skerm tells the story of a man who makes himself immortal in his own virtual world but things turn out to be less perfect than he imagined.

15. Die Man Met Die Snor: Watch now »

Die Man Met Die Snor is the story of Francois who has to play his icon, Kurt Stahlwolf, the action hero of the 1980s, in a new film.

16. Ek Het Jou Gemaak: Watch now »

Jacobs was so in love with his wife that he creates a life-sized robot called Andries to fill the void that her death leaves.

17. Voor Ek Val: Watch now »

An emotionally unstable woman tries to get her ex-lover back by threatening to destroy his life.

18. 36DDD: Watch now »

The story of Murcia, a woman who is forced out of her comfort zone when hooligans enter her home.

19. Wisseltrofee: Watch now »

Anton is a 16-year-old boy who wants to follow in his father’s footsteps in becoming a hunter, but things go pear-shaped when the hunter becomes the hunted.

20. Soos Gister: Watch now »

Susan attempts to fix the mistakes of her past, by going back in time…  

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