5 fire quotes from HBO’s Insecure

2018-06-19 10:03

Over the space of two seasons HBO’s hit series Insecure has taken viewers through a rollercoaster of feels that most were never really ready for. Whether it was Issa and Molly fighting, Lawrence and Daniel causing drama or Kelli doing the most, we were gifted with many fun, real and relatable moments from the series.

With a plethora of one liners and memorable moments to choose from, it’s hard to keep track. We’ve done our bit by compiling our favourite quotables from the show to inspire and entertain you as we wait for Season 3.

Caution: Explicit language

“Black women aren’t bitter, we’re just tired of being expected to settle for less.”

Season 1, Episode 1. While giving a presentation to middle-schoolers on behalf of non-profit organisation We Got Y’all, Issa is faced with the difficult task of addressing the kids’ questions about her personal life. Handling the situation like the boss she is, she tackles the issue head on and provides viewers with one of the most relatable moments in recent television history.

“My ho-tation. I make the rules. Get in my line-up.”

Season 2, Episode 6. While navigating the seas of casual dating, Issa gave viewers a nugget of gold that we’re not willing to forget anytime soon. Referring to her roster of dateable men, she came through with the term “ho-tation”, which is a clever name for a list of regulars that most single women deal with. She also gave way for women everywhere to own their space while making their own rules – unapologetically even!

“Right, because everyone automatically listens to a woman when she opens her mouth.”

Season 2, Episode 1. Having experienced much hardship in the dating department, Molly finds solace in her career, working hard and trying her level best to prove how much of an asset she is. After mistakenly receiving the paycheck of a white male co-worker, she expresses her disdain by checking him on his mansplaining and expressing what many women feel in their workplaces every day.

“You’re worse than a f*** n****. You’re a f*** n**** who thinks he’s a good dude.”

Season 2, Episode 3. Lawrence is a creature of comfort. After being invited to his love interest’s family barbecue, he ditches her, leaving Tasha embarrassed and confused. Realising that she was a rebound, Tasha confronts Lawrence on his hypocrisy, revealing to him an issue that many men before him have had – he claims to be a good guy but just ends up hurting people like every typical bad boy out there.

“F*** feeling feelings.”

Season 2, Episode 3. If you’ve ever been placed in the deep recesses of your feels, you surely can relate to this quote. After being put through a mini dry spell, Issa is just looking for a worthwhile hook up but is having difficulty finding what she is looking for. Why do emotions have to be so complicated?!

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