5 ways to make the most of Showmax this summer

2017-12-01 08:00

Summer is here! Which means that the days are longer, work and school are winding down and we have plenty of time to catch up on all the series that we missed during the year.

The great thing about technology is that you don’t even have to be cooped up in the house to watch series and movies anymore – simply stream from your smart device while you sit on the beach, or enjoy a family braai while catching up on Game of Thrones at the same time!

We have created a list of five ways to make the most of Showmax this summer:

1. Skip the intros so that you can watch faster

We have all uttered the phrase “just one episode”, only to be found still glued to our screen hours later. Showmax has a way to make your binge-watches more fruitful by giving you the option of skipping the introduction of the episode. Just click the Skip Intro button that pops up on your screen at the beginning of the intro and you’ll dive right into the action.

2. Save time browsing by watching Showmax Collections

A lot of our TV time is taken up with choosing what to watch, especially if there is a large selection of series and movies available – which is the case on Showmax, with over 35 000 series episodes, movies, kids’ shows and documentaries to choose from. Showmax Collections take the effort out of choosing for you by grouping together similar films and series so you can just seamlessly go from one to another. Showmax has collections for Oscar winners, Fantasy and Fiction, Best of HBO, Undiscovered Comedy Gems and many, many more.

3. Connect your laptop to your TV

If you usually watch Showmax on your laptop, make it a family affair or have a little watching party with your friends by connecting your laptop to your non-smart TV with an HDMI cable, so that everyone can join in to watch LEGO: Star Wars, The Hobbit Trilogy or one of the 15 HBO movies coming to Showmax in December.

4. Keep a good download bank

Firstly, by downloading what you want to watch while you are connected to Wi-Fi, you save on data by watching offline later. Secondly, when you are sitting in an Uber or waiting in a long queue to get into the cricket stadium, keep up with your series and keep yourself entertained by watching the shows you’ve downloaded. Download up to 25 series episodes or movies on the Showmax app on your device, and you’ll never be bored again.

5. Be ahead of the curve by watching the First on Showmax series

What do Mr Robot, Harlots and Younger have in common? You can watch them first and only on Showmax, which means that you’ll find them nowhere else in South Africa except on Showmax. Watch these popular shows and much more this summer, including HBO’s The Deuce and the highly anticipated Tali’s Wedding Diary, coming only to Showmax in December.

This summer, make the most of all that Showmax has to offer by using these top streaming tips. Sign up for Showmax today and you’ll get a 14-day FREE trial. And if you’re a DStv Premium subscriber, get Showmax at no extra cost. Find out how here.

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