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8 ways Showmax has upped its game

2018-08-24 09:53

They have shows for when you’re under the weather, shows for when you’re hungry, shows to keep the kids entertained on holidays and even shows you won’t see on any other streaming service - Showmax has really got you covered. With its huge range of content, it’s hard to believe that Showmax has only been in our lives for three years.

Here are 8 reasons you should be jumping on the Showmax bandwagon:

1. Showmax is the only place to stream HBO (and more) in South Africa

To say that Game of Thrones has a cult following is an understatement. It hasn’t only popularised sayings like ‘beyond the wall’ and ‘winter is coming’ but there are even t-shirts now that say “Targaryen on the Streets, Dothraki in the Sheets”. Insane! Just as well Showmax has GOT and other talked-about HBO and Hulu titles, like Harlots, Westworld, Handmaid’s Tale (speaking of cults), and loads more. It’s legit the only place that you can stream HBO without a DStv subscription in Africa. For real.

2. It’s free for DStv Premium customers (and just R99 for the rest of us)

While the petrol price and food prices keep going up, Showmax has made the service free to some. Yes, you can get Showmax for free if you’re a DStv premium customer. Or for only R49 if you’re on DStv Compact or Compact Plus. For everyone else, the price hasn’t changed since 2015. It’s still just R99. So even if you’ve had to cut down on going out to save money, you’ve still got ways to turn up right in front of your TV at home. (Here’s how to connect your DStv account and get your freebie.)

3. Data hasn’t fallen but...

The struggle is real with data costs in SA. However, over the past few years there’s been a big drive towards bringing fibre to a lot of neighbourhoods and the prices are competitive.  Showmax has also been toyi-toying for lower data costs and made some serious inroads to ensuring customers get some good deals on data. Don’t forget Showmax’s built-in data-saving tools that let you select how much data you want to use to stream or download.

4. Watch it anywhere

Did you know that there are over 1.7 million more apps in the Google Play store since 2015 (and about 800 000 in the Apple App store)? Showmax has made sure it doesn’t lag behind the wide number of apps and devices. Showmax is available on laptops, phones, smart TVs, Apple TV, Telkom’s LIT box, Sony PS4, Xbox One as well as the DStv Explora. Plus, the Showmax app for iOS or Android phones or tablets lets you download up to 25 series episodes or movies to watch later when you’re offline, so it’s really handy when you want to watch your shows on the go.

5. Watch Marvel-lous international shows, now-now

Remember when you’d have to wait an entire week to watch the next episode of your favourite series? Now, time is of the essence in the world of series watching – so much to watch, so little time. We want our latest episode and we want it now. Showmax has made serious progress in bringing you the freshest episodes of Younger, Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, Mr Robot, The Crossing and South Park just 24 hours after the US broadcast.

6. The only place to stream South African series

Over the past few years, SA’s film industry has rivaled Nollywood (Nigeria’s film industry) with world-class and entertaining shows. Showmax has not only upped its range of local shows to watch but we’ve also seen the likes of The River, Waterfront, Fynskrif and The Comedy Central Roast of Somizi arriving express from their DStv broadcast. All so you can add your semi #delayedTweet into the conversation.

7. Showmax isn’t just old stuff - series and movies available on Showmax first

It’s not just Friends and Frasier boxsets on Showmax (no judging if that’s your binge.) Twitter folk are catching on to the riveting HBO family drama Succession. You can catch the first season (yes, it’s already been signed off for a second) of Succession fresh off the press on Showmax now. Have a look at all the other shows you can watch exclusively on Showmax.

8. OMG! Showmax Originals

People were never ready for the success of Tali’s Wedding Diary. It ticked the boxes on ratings, talkability, and entertainment. Who could forget the ridiculous lengths Tali would go to to have the perfect wedding, or her fiance Darren’s ‘salt of the earth’ business partner Rael Rosen and his catchphrases?! This was just the first Showmax Original, with more in the pipeline.

Still not convinced? Try Showmax’s 14-day free trial and you can see for yourself.

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