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2019-07-31 10:24
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If you’re looking for action with a little somethin’ somethin’ on the side, you’ve got options. And, not just one or two.

We’re talking seven action movies with extras. Not because action isn’t good enough on it’s own, but because adding a little sauce means you can make your circle bigger, get someone else sitting on the couch with you...

Sure, I agree, you’ve got to have a strong action base before you start throwing in the quirk, the comedy, the sci-fi and heaven forbid, the romance, but we can guarantee you’ll find the requisite gunfire, explosions, car chases and stunts in these movies. And then some. 

If you’re an even tougher customer, and don’t find what you’re looking for on the list below, check out the full DStv Now movie catalogue. While you’re at it, download these movies to your mobile device and take the action with you wherever you go.

1. Title: Braven

What it’s about: 

A cabin belonging to hard-working family man, Jason Momoa, inadvertently gets used as a halfway house for a heroin stash. When he realises this, and how much danger his people are in, he does everything in his power to defend the ones he loves from the ruthless drug runners. 

Why you should watch it: 

A while ago, a short hipster-friendly film about Jason Momoa being the greatest dad ever, made the rounds on social media. In the quick bio, he describes what it means to be a father and then does a bunch of cool stuff, like rock-climbing and skating with his kids. It’s wild and beautiful. 

Braven starts out a bit like that, but then the action kicks in and so does Khal Drogo. Shot in snowy Newfoundland, the scenery is epic but don’t let that fool you, it’s not long before axes are wielded, bows and arrows are shot, and for the traditionalists, there’s plenty of gunfire too. Available on DStv Now 

2. Title: Rampage

What it’s about:

When three different animals become infected with a dangerous pathogen, a primatologist (Dwayne Johnson) and a geneticist (Naomie Harris) team up to stop them from going on a deadly rampage and destroying Chicago.

Why you should watch it:

Because Dwayne Johnson, who is usually the larger-than-life character in all his movies, is dwarfed by the over-sized animals in this one. Because there is a scene in the trailer that shows Joe Manganiello running for his life from a giant wolf, which is ironic considering what a great werewolf he played in True Blood. Because some of the greatest action movies ever are based on the stupid-humans-cause-disease-outbreak plot, and we need to be reminded of our own stupidity. 

Available on DStv Now 

3. Title: Vuil Wasgoed

What it's about: 

This is the “what could possibly go wrong” brand of action film: Two laundromat clerks dial up the fun in their dull workaday lives by dressing up in their client’s clothes and faking the good life at night. And then they find a dismembered finger in a suit pocket … 

Why you should watch it:

Another great example of action with a side of quirk. South African actors/comedians Bennie Fourie and Bouwer Bosch are funny AF, and they both wrote and star in the movie alongside an equally hilarious ensemble cast, including Survivor’s own stand-up guy, Nico Panagio brilliantly playing a baddie, as well as Simoné Nortmann (Vir die Voëls) and Leandie du Randt Bosch (Getroud Met Rugby). 

Originally a 26-minute short, the film was so popular and won so many awards that the team decided to turn it into a full-length feature. Available on DStv Now 

4. Title: The Hurricane Heist

What it’s about:

Danger and death dominate in this suspense-filled crime film. Opportunistic thieves attempt a huge heist on the US Treasury as a Category 5 hurricane approaches. 

Why you should watch it:

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a good natural disaster-fuelled action movie (no, Sharknado doesn’t count). The director, Rob Cohen, brought you the original The Fast and the Furious, so you know up-front the action is going to be fast-paced and legit. Available on DStv Now

5. Title: Kin

What it’s about:

When two down-on-their-luck brothers find an alien weapon, they are hunted down by the government, gangsters and otherworldly goons.

Why you should watch it:

This is an excellent example of an “us against the man” action movie that really gets you going. Especially when “the man” not only includes the greedy government but gangsters and aliens too. Plus, everyone loves an unlikely young hero on a bicycle, facing off against a paranoid government scared of a potential alien threat.  *Cough* E.T. *Cough* Watch it on DStv Now.

6. Title: Hotel Artemis

What it’s about:

Jodie Foster and an ensemble cast, including Jeff Goldblum and Zachary Quinto, star in this dark story that takes place in a dystopian Los Angeles where anarchy rules. A woman known as The Nurse runs a secret, members-only hospital for criminals. She has three rules: “No weapons, no non-members, and no killing other guests.”

Why should I watch it?

Yes, it’s another dystopian future flick, but the casting of Foster and friends elevates it entirely, and the movie has been praised for its visual style. There are bullet fights aplenty for action fans, which Jodie foster clocks in one of her strongest performances ever. Stream Hotel Artemis on DStv Now. 

7. Title: Tag

What it’s about:

Imagine a group of super-competitive men who have been friends since primary school. Every May, for one full month, they play Tag - even though they’ve grown apart and live in separate cities. This year’s game of tag is different though: their friend, who remains undefeated, is about to get married. Easy target? Nope. Starring Ed Helms, Jon Hamm, Isla Fischer and Jeremy Renner.

Why should I watch it?

Tag isn’t going to win any Oscars, unless there’s a category for laughing so hard you choke on a crisp. It’s compulsory friend-viewing, the kind of thing you watch with your mates and a bucket of beers. Especially the un-taggable Jeremy Renner’s scenes; he makes his Hawk Eye character in the Marvel universe look tame. Stream Tag on DStv Now and get ready to laugh. 

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