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Best boxsets to binge-watch this January

2018-01-05 06:00

Cape Town - Holidays are the perfect time to be binge-watching. Whether you are away at a resort, lounging at the beach, or simply on your own couch, this is the time to catch up on the series you wanted to watch, or even re-watch some of your favourites.

Luckily, Showmax has a huge collection of binge-worthy series available, which means that at your fingertips you have pretty much all the available seasons of popular series, from Big Bang Theory and Friends to Game of Thrones and Grey’s Anatomy, so you don’t have to miss out or wait for the next episode.

Here are 10 of our favourite shows to binge-watch this summer:

1. Keeping Up With the Kardashians S1-13

America’s First Family, or the one we recognise, have gone through a lot during the 10 years their lives have been televised. Now you can literally watch Kylie Jenner grow up, judge Kim’s various past relationships, see their lives before marriage and babies, and relive Kourtney and Scott’s never-ending drama. You don’t need to wait for Kris Jenner to announce anything, you can just indulge in the luxurious and messy life of the Kardashians in one go. Watch now »

2. Game of Thrones S1-S7: full boxset

As we wait impatiently for Season 8, due for release in 2019, why not re-watch the epic series that has kept us on our toes for years? From the kind-heartedness of Ned Stark to the cruelty of Joffrey Baratheon to the growth in power of Daenerys Targaryen, Game of Thrones is worth the re-watch (or first watch) if only just to pick up on all the hidden clues that you didn’t notice the first time round. Watch now »

3. Grey’s Anatomy, Seasons 1-12

You get crying, and then you get Grey’s crying. Experience all the emotions again - from the romance of Izzie and Denny, and Mark and Lexie falling in love, to the constant drama of Meredith and Derek, and of course, Cristina’s quips. Watch all the seasons again and allow yourself to get lost in the world of Seattle Grace - and yes, have a good cry. Watch now »

4. Suits S1-6

In preparation for the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wedding in May, why not watch the show that made her famous? Suits tells the story of a hit lawyer who hires a brilliant but under-qualified hustler who uses his skills to save their jobs. Watch the legendary litigators take on their cases and colleagues alike in this popular drama series. Watch now »

5. Desperate Housewives S1-8: full boxset

From Edie’s scheming ways, to Gabrielle cheating with the gardener and Brie’s family secrets, Desperate Housewives had eight seasons packed with intrigue, drama and endless amounts of fun. Get hooked again on all the mystery and catfights that dominate life in Wisteria Lane. Watch now »

6. Friends S1-10: full boxset

This one needs no introduction. Six buddies go through the troubles and triumphs of life as twenty- and thirty-somethings in the Big Apple, falling in and out of love with one another, getting married, having babies, getting divorced, adopting monkeys, ducks and chicks, and wearing turkeys on their heads to cheer one another up at Thanksgiving. This is binge-watching gold. Watch now »

7. HBO's Sex and the City S1-6: full boxset

Sex and the City instantly became a part of 90s zeitgeist, with its original characters and no-holds-barred sex scenes, and it’s easy to forget how iconic the episodes were. Re-watch all your favourite scenarios - from Carrie and Big’s on-again, off-again relationship, to Charlotte’s quest for true love and Samantha’s sex-scapades - all at once on Showmax. Watch now »

8. Shameless S1-6

Gallagher kids are anything but normal, which is why we keep watching them get up to mischief – over, and over, and over again. Enjoy all the fun (and horror) that Frank Gallagher and his kids get up to, by watching the first six seasons on Showmax. Watch now »

9. Downton Abbey S1-6: full boxset

A series that was a hit with audiences and critics alike, which tells the story of the intimate lives of the Earl and Countess of Grantham and their children, as they deal with family issues and political events in the early 20th century. It’s also worth it just for the Dowager Countess’ (Maggie Smith) great one-liners. Watch now »

10. House S1-8: full boxset

The much-loved House is about Dr Gregory House, who, despite the fact that he is cranky and rude, is a medical genius, who is able to diagnose the strangest and most medically puzzling illnesses. Showmax has all eight seasons available, so you can enjoy all of House’s witty retorts and string of crazy diagnoses in one go. Watch now »

Watch all these binge-worthy series as well as many others on Showmax. Sign up for Showmax today and you get a 14-day FREE trial. And if you’re a DStv Premium subscriber, get Showmax at no extra cost. Find out how here.

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