QUIZ: Can you remember all these hits from 2000?

2019-07-01 11:04

The year 2000 brought us everything from Y2K, the release of Sony Playstation 2, USB’s and camera phones. “Survivor” hits America TV sets, Gladiator ruled the movie screens, Tiger Woods becomes the youngest player to win a golf grand slam, Venus Williams takes home her first ever Wimbledon win and George W Bush becomes USA president.

But alongside these tech inventions, and popular culture firsts, a few bands and singers were making major waves on our radio’s and ruled our CD players – can you remember these top 15 songs? 

Listen to the 30 second music snippets and guess the song title. And remember to unmute your volume on each track.  

While the 21st century brought us these massive hits, it also brought us some great new ways of stepping up our music game with apps and streaming sites.

JOOX has all these timeless tunes that were released in 2000 plus all the latest hits for you to listen to, to your hearts content. Download, create your own playlists and listen today!

This post is sponsored by JOOX produced by Brandstudio24 for Channel24.

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