Every sex-tape joke so far on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

2018-12-13 11:28

When the news came that Fox made the call to cancel the hit sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine, fans went bananas! The pandemonium was short-lived, as NBC snapped up the series almost immediately.

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Showmax is the only place you can binge-watch the whole of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, right up to Season 5. But of course, die-hard fans of the cult cop comedy already knew that.

Another thing fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine know about is the “name of your sex-tape” joke that Detective Jake Peralta (played by comedian Andy Samberg) has been running with since the very first season. Collect them all!

Alert: this article contains some spoilers!



Episode: Halloween

Amy Santiago: Can you magically make everyone kind, sober and fully dressed?

Jake: Kind, Sober and Fully Dressed. Good news everyone, we found the name of Santiago’s sex tape.

Amy: I’m sorry about tonight.

Jake: I’m Sorry About Tonight! We found the title for Santiago’s follow-up sex tape.

Amy: It’s not your fault, I was terrible.

Jake: It’s Not Your Fault, I Was Terrible is also one of your sex tapes.

Episode: Tactical Village

Amy: Not even going to touch that.

Jake: The Amy Santiago Story.

Episode: Charges and Specs

Amy: I'm horrible at this. When can we stop?

Jake: I'm Horrible at This –

Amy: I know, I know. Title of my sex tape.

Jake: Huh, well done. Title of my sex tape.



Episode: Undercover

Amy: Just as long as we’re clear, I’m with someone and nothing is going to happen.

Jake: I’m with Someone, Nothing’s Going to Happen – name of your sex tape.

Episode: The Mole

Amy: But, this better not bite me in the ass.

Jake: Better Not Bite Me in the Ass – name of your sex tape…

Episode: Windbreaker City

Amy: Uh-oh. I hope it doesn’t get too sexual.

Jake: Uh-oh I Hope it Doesn’t Get Too Sexual – title of your sex tape. But seriously, what is taking so long? Also, the title of your sex tape.

Episode: The Wednesday Incident

Gina Linetti: Eek, blast of cold air coming out of that box.

Jake: Name of Amy's sex tape.

Episode: Det. Dave Majors

Amy: Why doesn't your mouth work?

Jake: Why Doesn't Your Mouth Work – title of our sex tape.

Amy: What?!

Jake: YOUR sex tape! What? No.


Episode: New Captain

Jake: So... we broke a rule.

Amy: Yeah... I hope it wasn't a mistake.

Jake: I Hope It Wasn't a Mistake – title of your sex tape... *gasp* title of our sex tape!



Episode: Halloween IV

Amy: I just got it out of the vent to rub it in your faces.

Jake: I Just Got It Out of the Vent to Rub It In Your Faces – name of your sex tape.

Episode: Crime & Punishment

Judge Marinovich: One more “but” and you will be in contempt.

Jake: One More ”Butt” and You’re in Contempt – name of your sex tape.



Episode: The Big House Part 1

(dream sequence) I’ve been looking, but I can’t find anything and I don’t know what to do.

Jake: I Can't Find Anything and I Don't Know What To Do – title of your sex tape.

Episode: HalloVeen

Amy: I'm so confused, I don’t know what’s happening right now.

Jake: I’m So Confused and I Don’t Know What’s Happening Right Now – title of your sex tape.

Episode: Safe House

Seamus Murphy: Let’s kill them both, get out of here before the cops come.

Jake: Wait, no, no, no, I was lying about the backup. I came alone. Title of my sex tape!

Episode: Gray Star Mutual

Boyle: No, the only way out of this hole is to keep digging.

Jake: That’s Not How Holes Work – title of your sex tape.

Episode: Bachelor/ette Party

Boyle: But why don't we take this map and this sextant and chart a course to the restaurant?

Holt: Title of your Sex-tant Tape.

Jake: Ah, did not work at all, but I love that you attempted it – title of your sex-tant tape.

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