How to binge all seasons of Game of Thrones online

2019-03-28 10:56
game of thrones new and final season 8

Close the curtains and change your status everywhere to unavailable. The time has come to binge all seven seasons of Game of Thrones and prepare for the final instalment, coming in April. And it’s all available on Showmax.

This April, one of the greatest sagas in all of fantasy is coming to an end. Armies of the seven kingdoms will battle, the Whitewalkers will seek to blanket Westeros in an infinite blizzard, and treachery will consume anyone who dares to sit upon the Iron Throne.

Sound unfamiliar to you? Well if you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, you might have missed out on the hit adaptation that is HBO’s Game of Thrones. Born from the George RR Martin books that detail a song of fire and ice, Game of Thrones is a masterpiece of storytelling and medieval warfare, all wrapped up in a tale of fantasy and regular backstabbing.

There’s no time like the present to catch up on the brutal, intriguing and exciting series that has redefined pop culture since its debut in 2011. Or, if you’re already a massive fan, treat yourself to a well-deserved rewatch of your top moments and the best scenes featuring your favourite characters, who, let’s be honest, may not have made it to Season 8.

Lucky for you, all seven seasons of Game of Thrones so far are available to binge right now on Showmax. Plus, when the final season hits our shores on 15 April, you can watch each episode on Showmax at the same time as the primetime showing on DStv. This means you can stay up to date wherever you are and on whichever device you choose. Very handy for those of us who like to watch the scary bits from under the blankets.

Also remember that when the lights go out, you can keep bingeing on Seasons 1 to 7 - as long as you remembered to download the next episodes to your device.

How to get Showmax

Don’t have Showmax? Here’s how to sign up:

  • New subscriber? Go to and get a 14-day free trial. After the free trial, Showmax costs R99 per month.

  • DStv Premium subscribers can add Showmax to their subscriptions for free. Go to

  • DStv Compact and Compact Plus subscribers qualify for a 60-day Showmax free trial if they sign up before 7 April 2019. Go to

  • Until the end of March 2019, Vodacom subscribers get 15GB free Showmax data over three months, plus a three-month free Showmax trial. Go to

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