It’s time for an M-Net Movies Bucket List marathon

2017-12-01 06:00

If you’ve been living for the M-Net Movies Bucket List pop-up channel on DStv channel 109, you know the #1 movie is about to be revealed! Everyone has an opinion on what it could be, and we’re hoping M-Net will read our minds and Saturday’s choice will reflect our own.

If you need to catch up on the countdown of 100 movies, there is still opportunity for a major movie marathon on the DStv Now web site or app which you can watch anytime, anywhere; or via your connected DStv Explora. While you wait for the Top 3 titles to drop, grab your snacks and tissues and get ready to enjoy The Lion King at #10 and Titanic at #7 – yes, you’re still allowed to cry for both these classics. But it’s not all a tear fest, the Top 10 also includes Dead Poet’s Society at #8, The Dark Knight at #9, Pulp Fiction at #6, Fight Club at #5 and Terminator: 2 Judgement Day at #4.

Don’t know where to start? Isibaya star Nomzamo Mbatha recently shared her favourite picks from the Bucket List channel.  Can we appreciate her love for Zoë Saldana in Avatar at #42? Girl has good taste! Anyone else loving how Nomzamo’s fans think of her when they see Rachel McAdams in The Notebook at #20.

Time to get the Nomzamo-inspired movie marathon started with her choices – watch the video below to see the rest:

What’s a film fest without us ooh’ing and aah’ing over the fashion? From the super original looks of Baz Lurhmann’s Romeo and Juliet at #29 to the iconic fashion in 80’s hit The Breakfast Club at #33 and the wedding-playlist staple Grease at #91, M-Net has served us some serious style inspo. We may be in 2017 but we’re secretly hoping to throw it back – big hair, don’t care right?

Clearly we’re not alone because even How Do I Look? South Africa host Roxy Burger has a few fave fashion moments she can’t get enough of! Anyone who can love style from every genre including sci-fi hit, The Fifth Element, is someone we all wanna be besties with! Hit us up Roxy, we’re down for movies and fashion talk anytime.

Watch what Roxy had to say about her Top 5 favourite fashion moments in the video below:

We can all agree that the M-Net Movies Bucket List channel is something we didn’t know we needed. Re-watching old favourites and finally being able to catch that movie your friends judged you for never seeing has been a dream. Also, hello! Streaming movies on DStv Now means there’s no excuse.

Before you get back to watching your playlist, take in these fun facts to know and throw in your next film convo. Check out the video below to get educated:

Keep an eye on the M-Net Movies Bucket List channel on DStv Now, #1 is coming up.

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