Rapping with Jonathan from Radio Raps

2019-02-18 10:15

How to describe Die Radio Raps Show? If you were the fictional host, Jonathan, no doubt whatever description you chose would have a few words like “lekker” and “kiff” chucked in. The alter ego of Rikus de Beer is back in Die Radio Raps Show S2 - and what’s especially kiff is that each episode is available on Showmax first in South Africa!

Jonathan from the East Rand speaks mostly in stereotypical slang, all while wearing an upside down transparent visor. And Rikus de Beer, the man behind the character, manages to deliver it with a straight face.

The only time he cracks a smile is when he’s working with kids for skits because they’re adorable and brutally honest when asked things they sometimes shouldn’t have an opinion on. And their personalities are infectious. “We have a ton of fun doing Die Radio Raps Show,” explains Rikus, who doesn’t actually rock that kiff peak cap in real life. “It’s tongue in cheek, a lot of the stuff we do. We don’t take ourselves seriously and we speak to people on a people level. There’s no talking down to people. We’re all in the same boat and we’re here having a lekker time.”

Raising a laugh

Radio Raps isn’t just Jonathan joking around and having fun. Rikus and his alter ego have toured the country from north to south, east to west in search of towns, people and communities who’re in need of a laugh and his comedic touch – and more often than not, he’s found his target audience away from the big city centres. “I honestly don’t have a favourite town that we’ve visited in the two seasons of the show so far,” says Rikus. “I really enjoy getting away from urban zones; I grew up on a farm out in the platteland between Klerksdorp and Potchefstroom.”

Rikus has had a busy start to the year though – he was in Peru in January for the 2019 Dakar rally doing promotional appearances for one of his sponsors, but his real joy comes from his acting gigs like Radio Raps. “It’s not even just a talk-sketch-comedy show. There’s a bit of lekker kitchen skills going on too – even if it’s just baking a quick loaf of beer bread and adding a few slices of biltong, it’s a nice mix of genres.”

Jonathan is more than just “the main ou” though; he also dishes out advice to those who need a little helping hand, albeit sometimes in a bit of a crass, in-your-face manner. But that doesn’t mean his advice isn’t any less valuable for fans because Rikus has one important rule that he follows with his character (and in life): “Always stay humble and remember where you come from. Rather be someone who’s from the salt of the Earth than someone walking around tooting his own horn all the time, you know?”

Stream Radio Raps S2 online, first on Showmax Catch de Beer in the second season of Die Radio Raps Show and his movie, called, of course, Jonathan: Die Movie. Plus, watch him break down his perspective on life in Radio Raps Tour. All these are streaming on Showmax now.

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