Celebrity sex tapes you don't want to see

  • Acting as fake as their hair, holes in their underwear and shady characters. With so many celebrity sex tapes being leaked, it's become difficult to keep up with all of them! Even if some of the videos grossed more than $50m, they're not all gems. These are the ones we DON'T want to see.
  • McSteamy took his on-screen character home when Eric Dane and his wife Rebecca Gayhart decided to film their three-way with a former Miss Teen USA. The tape was leaked and shows a high Rebecca and drunk Eric cavorting with the girl. It is said that the video is sloppy and filled with moments where Eric and Rebecca share how drunk or high they are.
  • Kid Rock and Scott Stapp decided to entertain their groupies one evening after a concert. We all know groupies have reputations for being a bit... jaded, but when the party turned into an orgy, one girl set out to film the experience and later sell it to the porn distributor, Red Light District.
  • Dr Evil created Mini Me, but Verne Troyer created his own sex tape. The X-rated tape was leaked by the brunette featured in the video back in July 2008. His live-in girlfriend, Ranae Shrider, leaked the video to gossip website TMZ.
  • Porn star Ron Jeremy is famous for getting it on on-screen, and he's used to being filmed while fornicating. But whether it's a full-scale porno or a home video, we still don't want to see him doing the nasty.
  • Rick Salomon may have spent one night in Paris a long time ago, but judging by Miss Hilton's acting, this sex tape could be as lifeless as she is.
  • Underwear and socks with holes in them, drugs being sniffed off a hooker's navel and a less-than-impressive Joost van der Westhuizen changed the local sex tape scene forever. We're with Amor on this one - we don't want to see it!
  • After a clip of Hulk Hogan's sex tape was leaked online, many have been following the unfolding events and subsequent anger and shame. We checked out a little of the clip - it's not pretty. Don't say we didn't warn you!