SxRTD Song of the Day: Salutas

2016-09-12 15:52

Cape Town - To come across a 24-year-old who possesses a gift of lyrical formulation, but also a skill and work ethic beyond his years, is very rare. This combination - in its rarity - shines a spotlight on Cape Town Hip Hop rapper, Youngsta.

His aspirations were ignited at the age of 12, where he wrote and recorded his first track in the same year. Add in a unique sense of style, with life as a prominent topic, is what caused Youngsta to grow into his own element.

Youngsta is an observant individual. His inspiration has been drawn from various entities, but it is the Hip Hop industry, as a whole, which continues to provoke his high energy, emotional quest and experiences on and off the streets of Cape Town. The realistic approach to what music should consist of has grasped the attention commanded by his lyrics.

No hype is needed as Youngsta's music speaks for itself. He chose this path. He doesn't know where it will take him, but wherever he chooses to tread, the music is sure to follow.

Superbalist is Rocking the Daisies Song of the Day: Youngsta – Salutas

Catch Youngsta at the Two’s Up stage on Friday 7 October at 21:20.

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